Platypus interviews Bobby Mac at EDI West

DJ Platypus catches up with the Host of the EDI West Bobby Mac. Moments before the final round of the EDI West, Bobby mac gives his insight on the week as well as a...

Opinion: Should the strip club industry boycott Kanye?

A veteran club DJ, Tootsie's Cabaret's DJ Platypus, offers his take on one of the most controversial artists of our time. I have been a DJ at Tootsies Cabaret for over 20 years. We have...
ham radio show

The HAM Radio Show is now available on ALL Amazon Echo Devices.

Uncle Eddie and the crew of Ham Radio are LIVE for the May 2nd Episode of TheHamRadio Show 6pm-8pm Est. Tonight's guest Celebrity Boxing Promoter and Now Author @H16man Damon Feldman is Hanging with the...
Don Waitt The Pub

Waitt on Wednesday

SUNDAY I went fishing Sunday. I don’t even like to fish. But I went fishing in the bay off the dock in my backyard. To make the exercise more palatable, I went down to the dock with...

A new website … and ass tattoos

I'm certainly not “sleeved out,” but I do have my share of tattoos. I got my first piece at a place called Sharky’s in Manhattan Beach, California, back in August of 1993 (it’s on...
Don Waitt The Pub

Waitt on Wednesday

JUST STOP If I hear one more person preface a statement with the words, “At the end of the day” I think I will blow my brains out. Or theirs. Those words, for me at least,...
Table Dancing The Pub

Waitt on Wednesday

TABLETOPS When I did the first EXOTIC DANCER Directory almost 30 years ago—before there was internet and cell phones, and, maybe, even indoor plumbing—there was a section for each club’s listing that told the types...

Angela Sommers and Her Magical Menagerie

When you hear the name Angela Sommers, many descriptive words come to mind such as: creative, kind, beautiful, model, and dancer. But, did you know that she has a couple of cats who rule her house...
Waitt on Wednesday The Pub

Waitt on Wednesday!

I’m wondering about all of this trouble that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is getting into with the government.
Bombshells The Pub

Bombshells Opens Largest Location in Big Houston Expansion

HOUSTON—April 11, 2018—Bombshells Restaurant & Bar announced the opening of its largest location, in the fast-growing Houston suburb of Pearland, as part of plans to more than double the size of the chain in...
Waitt The Pub

Waitt on Wednesday

I have a 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar on the wall to the right of my computer. Sure, I could look up the date on my computer, but I’m old school and, frankly, it’s just quicker to look over and see in easy-to-read black and white type that it’s Wednesday, April 4.
Hot euro strippers the USA has never heard of

Amazing Eastern-Euro Strippers that the USA has never heard of.

Yeva Shiyanova -aka- The Dust Dance Girl. Yeva Shiyanova first captivated the stages of Ukraines Got Talent (other vid here) and a few other talents shows. Her dust dance even inspried some feature entertainers here...

Virgin’s purchase of Hard Rock will NOT impact Expo

Though there have been rumblings for the past several months, it has now been publicly announced: Virgin and its enigmatic owner, Richard Branson, has purchased the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

In D.C., the “Storm” continues to rage

Though he would surely prefer it to be otherwise, Stormy Daniels isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On Sunday, March 25, 22 million viewers tuned in to CBS’ “60 Minutes” for Anderson Cooper’s exclusive interview...

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Monroe’s of Palm Beach hosts charity event this July

  Registration is now open for the Inaugural Monroe’s Charity Sporting Clay Shoot scheduled for Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 at OK Corral Gun Club, Okeechobee,...

2019 EXPO boasts largest gathering of top liquor/beverage Cos.

Patron Tequila, Grey Goose and Dom Perignon are just a few of the top brands that will be on display at this year’s 2019 Gentlemen's Club EXPO at...

5 things you need to know about Expo now!

With the 2019 Gentlemen's Club EXPO only about 80 days away, we want to make sure you have some updated information to hit the...
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