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ED Special Focuses for 2024

January Issue: Deadline: Dec 10
POS (Personalities of Sales)

POS (Personalities of Sales): Meet the people behind the machines!

Sure, you know the companies that offer the industry’s POS systems. But do you know the personalities behind those machines? In this “Personalities of Sales” Special Focus, we’re going to get to know the individuals themselves, the people who in many cases created the POS system that your club currently uses. A good POS system has a good story behind it, and that’s exactly what our readers will find in this special editorial section.

March Issue: Deadline: Feb 10
Bar products that are shaken and stirred!

A Special Focus on beverage and food-service products
Cocktail shakers, strainers, corkscrews, rimmers, garnishes, bar spoons, glassware, jiggers, peelers, ice buckets … there are so many items that are part of your bartender’s repertoire. So when was the last time you updated yours? Or is your bar using tools from the last century? Our “Shaken and Stirred” Special Focus will highlight the companies providing the key products that are critical to the success of your bar — and your bartenders!


May Issue: Deadline: Apr 10
Embrace the vape!

A Special Focus on how clubs can profit from vape sales
Remember the days when clubs could sell packs of cigarettes for twice or three times what they sold for in convenience stores? Well, those days may be gone, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a similar path to smoke-related profits in your club. In this “Embrace the Vape” Special Focus, we’re going to showcase the companies and products that supply a popular product — disposable vape cigarettes — that clubs can sell to their patrons for three times what they’re investing in it, and won’t take up an unnecessary amount of storage space.


July Issue: Deadline: June 10
Return of the Feature Entertainers Guide!

Every year there are fresh and exciting entertainers who are establishing new careers as features. So it makes sense that we will once again showcase all of the current touring features — including adult film stars — in our 2024 Feature Entertainers Guide! This directory will include names, photos, social pages and enhanced listings on hundreds of features who are being booked in your clubs today! Find out who’s new, who’s hot, and who you want in your clubs for your calendar in 2024 and beyond!


September Issue: Deadline: July 25
EXPO 2024 Program Guide!

As we head to a brand new city for EXPO 2024 — Dallas, Texas! — we will be once again showcasing the Official EXPO Program Guide! This handy guide fits easily into your back pocket and will be your source of information for everything EXPO while on-site at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Dallas, August 25-28!


November Issue: Deadline: October 10
Risky Business

A Special Focus on Risk assessment and mitigation
As technology continues to advance, so do the risks associated with owning a business that relies upon this technology to operate. This “Risky Business” Special Focus will help club owners and operators understand the risks that they currently face, including cyber threats, legal threats (via customer lawsuits), security threats, and threats from chargebacks and other financial setbacks.

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January 2024 Special Focus
POS (Personalities of Sales)!
March 2024 Special Focus
Bar products that are shaken and stirred!
May 2024 Special Focus
Embrace the vape!
July 2024 Special Focus
Return of the Feature Entertainers Guide
September 2024 Special Focus
EXPO 2024 Program Guide!
November 2024 Special Focus
Risky Business

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