Cody Parks is the Special Guest on the lastest PANDA Off the Charts and What’s Hot in the Strip Clubs podcasts!

**NEW MUSIC ALERT** Nine new music picks plus their interview with Cody Parks of Cody Parks and the Dirty South! Cody brings his amazing song/MashUp “Thunder Cash ’69”! The guys discuss the origins of his band and what influences led to his creation of “Country Metal”! From Def Leppard, Pantera, Motley Crue, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, and many more! How did producer Mutt Lange impact him?

How did his upbringing in small-town Georgia influence his sound? Where does storytelling fit into his songs? Did the Big Machine country tribute to Motley Crue album play a part?

Cody talks about how playing out and reading crowds has helped develop their unique covers. What are his thoughts on showmanship and putting on a show while on stage?

The guys also talk about the impact “Thunder Cash ’69” has on rooms in strip clubs already and how the song has already charted in the PANDA Top 20!

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