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DJ Walt Worek’s capital gains

  Growing up in an Italian family in Philadelphia, Walt Worek remembers Sunday dinners well. The main course? Ol' Blue Eyes. It should be no surprise...

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Updates: Expo 2020 dates have changed, and event details!

  The dates of the 2020 Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO have changed to August 16-19! Why the...

Expo Legal Panel: The Dangers of Dynamex

  The Expo 2019 Legal Panel tackled the expected national impact of the California State Supreme...

2019 ED Awards Show: The big winners announced!

  Sapphire in Las Vegas, RCI/Rick’s Cabaret and Bellzora take top honors at 2019 ED’s Awards Show! The...

Arriving at Expo on Sunday? Here’s what’s you need to know!

  Attention EXPO 2019 attendees: If you are arriving Sunday, August 11th, there are a number...

$10,000 in cash & prizes for the Expo Lingerie Contest!

  Religion Tequila Presents the EXPO 2019 $10,000 Lingerie Contest and Pajama Jam at Planet Hollywood's Gallery...


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