Phoenix Phires takes home the title in a hotly-contested Showgirl Division, while Veronica Knox secures the crown for the Starlets

Huntsville, Alabama may be the home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, but it was the EDI East that lit up the skies in the Rocket City from May 15-17. Jerry Westlund’s Pony Clubs in Huntsville played host to the EDI East for the third straight year, as the Pony Too (Starlet Division), Rocket City Showgirls (Showgirl Division) and Pony Bama (EDI East Finals) helped showcase the industry’s top showgirl competition once again.

The 2024 EDI contests are sponsored by adult film megastar Lauren Phillips, who was also on hand in Huntsville to greet the crowds and cheer on the competing entertainers.

After three incredible days of competition, it was Phoenix Phires’ hilarious “Beetlejuice” show that wowed the crowds and won over the judges, as she took home the Showgirl Division title. Nia Nebula’s “Vegas Showgirl” set, featuring a wet and wild champagne show, helped her take the title of the Showgirl Division’s First Runner-Up, while a surprise in third place saw the Living Sex Dolls duo (Koyotee Von Diva and Hannah Doll) take Second Runner-Up with their “Chinese New Year” show.

Other stand-out shows included Angel Beau’s “Hamburgler” set, which included a guest appearance by “Grimace” and garnered Angel the “Best Overall Show” mini-title. Kiki Maroon impressed the crowd by providing the first “stand-up comedy” routine in the EDI’s 10-year history, while Tiny Texie’s diminutive stature lent itself well to her “Chucky” show which helped earn her the “Audience Favorite” mini-title (see the end of this story for a full list of EDI East titles).

“I’m currently working on my second year back into the industry and winning the Showgirl Division of the EDI East feels like a dream,” says Phoenix Phires. “Thank you to Jerry Westlund and the entire Pony staff for opening up your clubs to us!”

Other talented Showgirl Division competitors included SharZayn (“Samba”) and Nicky Ninedoors (“Mermaid”).

By winning the Showgirl Division and securing First Runner-Up respectively, Phoenix Phires and Nia Nebula will be joining EDI West Winner Autumn Knights and First Runner-Up Justice at the EDI Finals in Dallas at Bucks Cabaret (Sunday, August 25, 8:30 pm).

In the Starlet Division, eight entertainers brought their unique talents to the stage at Pony Too. In her first EDI competition, Veronica Knox presented a truly unique show as she “crawled out of a television” dressed as “Samara” from “The Ring,” and that was just the beginning! Sparks flew as she concluded her show with her grinder, helping to solidify her victory in this year’s Starlet Division. Speaking of sparks, Dyna Divine’s “Dragon” show featured a healthy dose of fire, and it was this talent that helped her take home the Starlet Division’s First Runner-Up title. Farley Lynn had a “Need for Speed,” as her racing-themed show got hearts pounding, netting her the Second Runner-Up title for the Starlets.

Other impressive Starlet Division competitors included Charlotte Autumn (“Equestrian”), Pandora Moon (“The Purge”), Claire Fae (“Hellraiser”), Rose Noelle (“Cow Bells/Milkshake”) and Venom Rose (“Female Joker”).

“I’m still lost for words and am in disbelief I was awarded the ‘Most Original Show’ (mini-title) and won the EDI East’s Starlet Division,” says Veronica. “I came into this competition with absolutely no expectations especially since I’ve only been featuring for a year and this was my first big competition. I’m so truly thankful for the opportunity to showcase what I love.”

“Every time we’re in one of Jerry Westlund’s Pony Clubs for the EDI, we know that it’s going to be first-class even all the way around,” says EDI Founder and co-producer, Dave Manack. “We can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to Jerry, to his always-impressive Regional Director Stephanie Wilbanks, to Pony Club DJ Jeb Jarrell, and to all of the Pony managers including Phill Jourdan, Jason Gee and Zack Phillips. But the biggest ‘thank you’ goes out to all of the amazing entertainers who competed at the EDI East! We know how much time, energy and resources you ladies put into these amazing shows, and it shows! You are what makes the EDI great, and we appreciate everything that you do!”

The following titles and mini-titles were awarded at the 2024 EDI East:

Showgirl Division Winner: Phoenix Phires
Showgirl Division First Runner-Up: Nia Nebula
Showgirl Division Second Runner-Up: Living Sex Dolls

Starlet Division Winner: Veronica Knox
Starlet Division First Runner-Up: Dyna Divine
Starlet Division Second Runner-Up: Farley Lynn


Most Extreme Show: Claire Fae
Most Ambitious Show: Nicky Ninedoors
Most Original Show: Veronica Knox
Audience Favorite: Tiny Texie
Hottest Body: Claire Fae
Best Costume: Nia Nebula
Best Dancer: Nicky Ninedoors
Best Overall Show: Angel Beau

ED Publications would like to send huge “thank you’s” out to EDI Sponsor Lauren Phillips, EDI Producer Roxi D’Lite, show coordinator Kristofer Kay, EDI graphics producer Kevin Pennington, show emcee Danny Meyers, stage manager Rob Aiken, stage assistant Tom Hooks, and everyone at the Pony Clubs of Huntsville!

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