How club servers can make more money NOW!

  In his EXPO 2018 Keynote Speech—"Turn Your Staff Into Sales Superstars—world-renown seminar speaker Bob Brown discussed various tips he’s picked up as a waiter that have translated to countless operations since and how they...

Get to know Jessey Lee of Religion Tequila!

  There’s a new tequila brand that thoroughly believes it has what it takes to find itself on your top shelf. Interestingly enough, it’s the altitude where it’s created—at Mexico’s highest peak in the mountains...

How do you “promote the party”?

  In keeping with the 2018 Expo's "Party Business" theme, our "Promoting the Party" seminar centered around modern-day marketing and what online methods our experts would use to promote a party or special event at...

Expo’s ‘Executing the Party’ seminar recap

  Three industry veterans talk about putting all your hard work to action for the big night of the party—although maybe every night can be a big night. The third aspect of creating and hosting a...

Expo’s ‘Choosing the Party’ seminar recap

  Our club experts discussed their most innovative party and special event ideas, especially those aimed to attract your newest generation of customers. Editor’s note: It’s often been said that adult nightclub operators “throw a party”...

EXPO Tradeshow

EXPO Tradeshow August 20 and 21, Hard Rock Vegas

2018 ED’s Awards Show

2018 ED’s Awards Show August 21, The Joint Theater, Hard Rock, Vegas

EXPO Splash Bash and $10,000 Bikini Contest, presented by Religion Tequila

EXPO Splash Bash and $10,000 Bikini Contest, presented by Religion Tequila August 22, Rehab Pool, Hard Rock Vegas

Opening Night ‘80s Movie Party & Pre-ED Awards

Opening Night ‘80s Movie Party & Pre-ED Awards August 20, Vanity Nightclub, Hard Rock Vegas

Nicky Biggs to the mainstage …

  Nick Failla has spent the better part of two decades in the gentlemen’s club industry, so it’s only fitting he was the one to shine a light on the industry’s sound & lighting systems...

Meet the GM of the year, Hal Bell!

  Being the general manager of arguably the largest, and clearly one of the most successful, adult clubs in the U.S.—Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami—surely comes with a unique set of challenges. But there seems to...

E11EVEN Miami, Natasha Nova win big at ED Awards Show!

  Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO brings industry together at Hard Rock Vegas Held August 19-22, the 26th Annual ED Expo also boasted the “Party Business” seminars, a two-day Tradeshow and the 21st Annual ED’s Awards Show For...

DJs & Managers: Can’t-miss EXPO seminar!

  DJ Seminar: It’s not all bad on the “Dark Side”! Wednesday, August 22, 11 am - noon, Muse Hall A&B At EXPO 2018, DJs-turned-managers will discuss the lessons they’ve learned as they help cultivate better working...

Get a Splash Bash cabana before they sell out!

  Dateline: August 22nd Location: Las Vegas, Rehab Pool, Hard Rock Casino Event: Expo's Splash Bash and $10,000 Bikini Contest [youtube] With 100 gorgeous ladies in bikinis, you know it's going to be HOT! But it won't just...

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