Not long ago, we sent out a survey for recent EXPO attendees, and we asked this question specifically:

What is ONE THING you most want to see at this year’s EXPO in Dallas (August 25-28, Hyatt Regency Downtown Dallas).

Of course, there were a wide variety of answers, including, “More diversity of exhibitors,” “More casual networking opportunities,” “Interior designers,” and “More time for legal questions,” just to name a few.

But can you guess what more people asked for than anything else? Here’s a hint: Motley Crue would be proud.

You guessed it: Girls, girls, and more girls.

Sure, they phrased it different ways; some said, “More feature showcases,” others said, “More entertainers in attendance,” while others simply said, “Boobs.”

EXPO Parties The PubBut we heard you loud and clear! That’s why we’re introducing a brand new EXPO badge: The Party Pass! The Party Pass — priced at just $99 — is specifically and exclusively designed for club entertainers and other ladies whose main interest in the EXPO is attending the evening parties (including the EDI Finals and the Opening Night Party, and the After-Parties), and the $10,000 Topless Bikini Contest.

“For all of the club owners who’ve wanted to bring more of their entertainers to EXPO, or for the ladies who just wanted to attend the ‘fun stuff’ at EXPO and didn’t need the full EXPO badge, the Party Pass is the perfect solution,” says ED Publisher Dave Manack.

Please note, the EXPO Party Pass will allow entry into every EXPO event except:

• The Tradeshow

• The seminars (including the entertainer seminars and the Keynotes)

• The breakfasts/brunches

• The ED’s Awards Show (which requires a separate ticket for all attendees)

The EXPO Party Pass can be ordered ONLY at the official EXPO website,, which also features a more streamlined online ordering format. For more information please call the ED office at (727) 726-3592.

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