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Operators: Do you have it all under “Control”?

  Club Control Systems (CCS) the industry's all-in-one POS and management software system—that does almost anything you can imagine—showcased updates and improvements at the 2018 Gentlemen's Club EXPO. Here, interviews CCS' Raymond Curl to...

Nightlife Furniture is the industry’s #1 choice

  When it comes to furniture in commercial establishments, there are two factions: those that say a chair is a chair and is intended solely for sitting with no frills attached, and those that say...

Bar Man puts power in your fingertips

  Bar Man Control was conceived by gentlemen’s club pioneer David “Slim” Baucom and his son, Walter, as a Swiss-Army-type software system for the everyday challenges unique to this industry’s club owners and operators. Our...
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Houston, we have a sighting

  North American Searchlight Advertising is a manufacturing company dedicated and determined to deliver the most dependable searchlight products in the world. With a staff that has a combined 90-plus years experience in the searchlight...

Take your candle game Flameless

  The Amazing Flameless Candle creates an innovative flameless candle solutions working alongside both leading consumer retailers and the most recognizable brands in the hospitality industry to develop new applications for candles that have never...
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Something new for the couples

Satisfyer PRO 4 Couples review The name implies this device is for couples and the illustration on the box depicts using the SP4C with a partner. Let’s deconstruct that for a moment. While I did...
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Lit up like a Christmas tree

At Lit, they believe that life should be a party … When the sun goes down, everyone should leave a little time to unwind and get Lit up. With one push of a button,...
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Blue is Gold

The history of Blue Nun—which stretches back 400 years— goes further back in the German wine business than the history of the Langguth company itself. Nuns have known how to make exquisite wines for...

Welcome a new standard, the iKeg Standard

As the brainchild of SteadyServ, iKeg is an Internet of Things (IoT) system that utilizes smart scales and Kegonomics (cloud technology) to monitor keg levels. This easy-to-use tool allows you to gain advanced insights...

Dazzled trims for your rims

Whatever the occasion or event, there is always an excuse to have drinks that dazzle. Fun, flirty and fabulous, Dazzle Your Drinks offers 24 colors of sparkling sugars that will turn your drink rims...

All hail the shot kings—jello shots, that is

Touting speed of service, quality control and risk mitigation, Jevo is ready to revamp the alcohol industry within gentlemen’s clubs. In their own words, Jevo’s arrival in the market took a bit longer than anticipated....
Lace Inc. The Pub

Hey ladies, here’s how to dress for success!

Lace Inc.’s Laurie Callicutt talks Marilyn Monroe, the right gown versus the wrong gown—and bling. Laurie Callicutt wants to be clear. She is not a designer. “I am a stylist,” says Callicutt, the creator of Lace...
Ole Smokey The Pub

This ain’t your granddaddy’s moonshine!

When you think of moonshine, your mind may drift to backwood operations churning out the unsavory spirits by way of moonlight that would rob you of your sight if you drank too much. A...

Make sure club goers avoid the hangover, stock ProPectin

To help combat the hangover effects caused by the toxins created in the body by an over-consumption of alcohol, ProPectin offers an ideal solution. Apple pectin studies prove that this natural, high-fiber product is...

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