(Note: This story appears in the May 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

Having the latest tools of the trade make your bartenders and wait staff happy and make your bar area more efficient. Increased efficiency means your bar staff and your club make more money. And isn’t that what everyone wants? If your bartenders or wait staff use it, you’ll find the companies who supply them in this Special Focus!

For the purposes of this Special Focus, we asked a simple question: What is your best-selling bartending/waitstaff tool?

Bar Products

Announce the fun to be had at your bar with Hypemakerz

Hypemakerz’s best-selling product would have to be their customizable marquee message board sign. This item allows you to write customized messages on an illuminated LED sign and give your client a personalized experience. Since its first debut in 2017, Hypemakerz’s marquee sign has been a hit staple for all hospitality venues and bars/restaurants around the world.

These signs allow for custom venue branding on the front and back with artwork designed to your venue. The verbiage/message can be changed in minutes and the signs include a full set of the alphabet. There’s even an organizer for fast and easy message changes/storage.

For more information, please call (305) 322-4520 or visit hypemakerz.com.

KoolMax is top choice for bartenders

The Soda Gun Jetter from KoolMax Technologies is an automated cleaning system that fits under the bar meaning gone are the days of bartenders touching a soda gun to clean it.

KoolMax’s filtration system lowers refrigerator temperature without the need for electricity. Simply put the filters in your refrigerator(s) and it will drop the temperature four to five degrees, providing a huge sustainability benefit that lowers costs.

The Soda Jetter washes the soda guns at predetermined times — perhaps coinciding with busy or slow times as desired. There are no solutions or chemicals, just clean water, meaning it has a green profile.

For more information, please call (702) 250-5409 or visit whitetigerorganic.solutions.

Be the Babe Ruth of your establishment with Shot Caller

The Shot Caller is a patented multi-shot dispenser. Dispense shots like a boss with one handed operation thanks to the Shot Caller’s spring-loaded tip. Easy to clean and carry; made from durable, light, dishwasher safe Triton material. The Shot Caller holds 20 ounces of liquid.

Free up your bartender’s time with portable shot dispensing; bring mixed shots to bottle service areas; pre-batch shots so they’re ready to go for quick sale; create a unique table-side experience from the server or bar cart. The spring-loaded tip ensures no drop is wasted, which means no mess to clean up.

The Shot Caller also doubles as the jello shot maker of your dreams. The worst part about making jello shots is getting the hot, sticky liquid into hundreds of tiny cups. Now you can pour straight from the stove into the Shot Caller and dispense one-handed faster than you ever thought possible without the mess! You’ll be filling, not spilling.

The Shot Caller is the brainchild of Matt and Trish Piazza, a husband and wife team in St. Louis. The Piazzas are the inventors of the Jellinator, the first patented liquid dispenser for making jello shots. After selling thousands worldwide, they decided to redesign the Jellinator with the help of Objex Design.

While showing off their new design to friends in the restaurant industry, the couple quickly realized the product had far greater implications than making jello shots; it had the potential to revolutionize the shots market — hence, the Shot Caller was born!

For more information, please email info@shotcallerusa.com or visit shotcallerusa.com.

Spill-Stop puts an end to messy bartending

The most important product Spill-Stop manufactures is their 285-50 liquor pourer, preferred in the bartending industry due to its consistency in pouring speed for bartenders who do not use a jigger but pour by count.

By pouring accurately, the customer will taste their drink the way the bartender wants it to taste.

While many of the tools bartenders use are necessary and useful, it is the pourer that is most underrated. An accurate pour enhances the customer’s taste and experience.

A new bar tool that is usually missing from a bartenders tool kit is a Jerry Spring Whisk. You place the whisk in the bottom of a shaker and shake up and whisk an egg white that is used to make a pisco sour.

For more information, please call (800) 323-0722, email info@spill-stop.com or visit spill-stop.com.

Glastender maximizes bartending potential

The C1FB is a reach-in cooler unit for back bar, draft beverage, and food service applications. It comes available with one, two, three, or four doors.

The cooler features end wall refrigeration design with an evaporator located above the compressor compartment to free up interior space for maximum storage capacity. The front-serviced design means the cooler can be serviced without the need to remove it from a lineup.

Any door section may be converted to full- or narrow-width keg dispensing, depending on door size. It features an all-stainless steel interior with radius corners eases cleaning and meets NSF Standard 7 for open food as a storage refrigerator

The flexible design allows any door section to be configured with three shelves or two drawers. The C1FB boasts a 16-gauge galvanized steel interlocking, multi-bend base providing strength and rigidity.

Optional leg sets employ a unique recessed cup design to enhance durability while a recessed compressor compartment back and 90-degree electrical plug enables flush wall placement.

Door opening provides unobstructed access to three rows of long-neck beer bottles. The C1FB is available without a finished top for integrated installation below customer-supplied top.

There are nine door styles to satisfy diverse needs and décor. An edge cap on laminated doors and compressor compartment covers protects laminate from chipping.

Plastic threshold scuff plate protects the lower door sill when loading kegs. Three jeweled finishes are optional for stainless steel doors.

Lastly, the C1FB offers an optional full-extension pull-out wine shelves with horizontal or upright storage that provide easy bottle access.

For more information, please call (800) 748-0423, email orders@glastender.com or visit glastender.com.

Make bartending an automatic success with Micro Matic

It is a fact that the craft beer boom changed the world of dispense. The consumer expects a wider offer on beer types and brands. And in most countries draft beer is still having the highest reputation. This means that an outlet sells more draft beer but less beer per tap.

To keep the quality under control, it therefore makes sense to connect smaller kegs, keep the kegs under cold conditions and use a system that allows the highest quality, even when the keg is on tap for more than a week.

With FlexiDraft, your beer is always kept cold and the hygienic single-use beer line ensures beer is always kept fresh and non-contaminated — just the way your brewer intended it!

With FlexiDraft, simply replace the beer line with every keg change, eliminating the need for line cleaning. Changing the beer line takes seconds, rather than up to the 45 minutes it can take to clean a conventional system.

The single-use beer line is made of recyclable plastics (polypropylene, polythene and polyoxymethylene) and can be disposed of as normal household waste. For an even more sustainable disposal, the single-use beer line can be separated into the spout/coupler part and the tubing. The latter can be disposed of as plastic waste depending on local collection and recycling infrastructure

FlexiDraft fits the standard keg interface systems A, D, G, M, S and KeyKeg, and will thus allow users to create new business opportunities re-using your existing keg fleet. The single-use beer line is connected to the keg spear via the FlexiDraft coupler.

The FlexiDraft single use beer lines are available in two versions:

• Ø4 mm Beer line, transparent tube (for beers with working pressure below 1.1 bar)

• Ø3 mm Beer line, blue tube (for beers with higher CO2 content and working pressure above 1.1 bar)

For more information, please call (352) 799-6331, email sales@micro-matic.com or visit micro-matic.com.

What’s in a name? With BarProducts.com, your next bartending tools

Several updates and advancements have been made to BarProducts.com’s popular Custom Complete Bartenders Tote Set. They bring you the Stainless Steel DELUXE version. This 17-piece set includes everything a professional bartender needs to work any bar shift and they all fit in a nylon zipper tote bag. The tote bag features two zipper compartments designed to perfectly store bar tools along with a convenient carrying strap.

With the DELUXE version, BarProducts.com has taken the 16 ounce cheater tin and replaced it with the (growing in popularity) 18 ounce shaker tin. The 18 ounce tin sits higher inside of the 28 ounce shaker tin, therefore allowing for a better grip as well as compartment capacity. They have also swapped out the standard Speed Bottle Opener for their V-Rod Bottle Opener (which is a dual action bar tool).

On top of the upgrades, BarProducts.com has added two new tools to the set. First is their citrus squeezer, the most efficient and sanitary way to squeeze all of that juice out of lemon and lime wedges. They have also added a muddler to the kit. Please see below for complete list of tote contents:

• A 28oz weighted shaker  • 4 prong strainer

• 18 oz. Weighted Cocktail Shaker Tin with Embossed Logo

• .75oz x 1.25oz jigger

• Red Knob Bar Spoon   • V-Rod Bottle Opener

• 10oz ice scoop

• 6 x BarConic 304SS Stainless Steel Liquor Pourers

• Corkscrew • Citrus Wedge Squeezer

• Black Flat Head Muddler  • Tote Bag

For more information, please call 1-800 256-6396, email info@barproducts.com or visit barproducts.com.

Rain, sleet or snow … 24/7, Anytime Bar Supplies has got you covered

The BK-10 Extended Bartending Kit has everything your bartenders need to complete their job to its fullest.

• 30 oz Stainless Steel Shaker

• 1 X 1 1/2 oz Stainless Steel Jigger

• 4-Prong Stainless Steel Bar Strainer

• 7” Stainless Steel Speed Opener

• Corkscrew

• 4 Black Plastic Pourers

• 11” Stainless Spoon w/red knob

For more information, please call (763) 777-8672, email sales@anytimebarsupplies.com or visit anytimebarsupplies.com.

Brave NuCO2 world for bartenders

NuCO2’s XactBev technology is designed to deliver perfect carbonation for fountain soft drinks and draught beer that results in great taste and zero waste. For draught beer, it dispenses the exact blend of gases optimal for ales, lagers and stouts — maximizing the number of pints poured from each keg and eliminating sub-standard beer taste that can result from improper carbonation.

XactBev is comprised of three components: XactCO2, XactN2 and XactMIX30.

XactCO2 liquid bulk carbon dioxide is a certified beverage grade carbon dioxide available to restaurants across the United States. NuCO2’s carbon dioxide storage tank is on site at your establishment and is routinely auto-filled by NuCO2 service technicians.

The XactN2 generator makes nitrogen on-site and the company is now offering multiple generators to match customer’s nitrogen volume needs. The XactN2 15.0 and 4.0 systems are versatile, wall-mounted nitrogen generators that create nitrogen from ambient air and store it in a vessel at a minimum purity of 99.7%. Both systems provide the draught beer-grade nitrogen necessary to power a high-pressure draught beer system, delivering the perfect pint without added carbonation.

Fountain soft drink and draught beer beverages require unique gas blends. The XactMIX30 beverage control system is “command central” for managing beverage carbonation. The system automatically blends and dispenses the precise amounts of beverage grade carbon dioxide and draught beer-grade nitrogen. It also has a proprietary inline flow indication that easily identifies even the smallest gas leaks and when the gas supply is nearly empty.

XactMIX30 dispenses the exact blend of gases optimal for ales, lagers and stouts — maximizing the number of pints from each keg and eliminating sub-standard beer taste that can result from improper carbonation. For ales and lagers, the beverage control system dispenses a 70% CO2 / 30% N2 blend or 100% CO2, depending on how much pressure is required to get the beer from the keg to the faucet. For stouts, it dispenses a 25% CO2 / 75% N2 blend. The system also dispenses 100% CO2 to carbonate fountain soft drinks.

For more information, please call (800) 472-2855 or visit nuco2.com.

Alcohol Controls puts you in charge of your bar

For anyone who has ever owned, managed or even been to a bar or restaurant that was suffering with fruit fly issues, you know what an annoyance and health hazard it can be. Bugs find their way into liquor and wine bottles, infest food items and irritate customers. If you do not control the problem, your business can lose huge amounts of money in lost product and lost sales from customers that do not return.

Finally, there is an effective solution to the problem: the BarPro. Once removed from its specially fabricated foil package and exposed to air, the BarPro strip starts to release its patented fruit fly killing ingredient. The odorless vapor is heavier than air and penetrates those hard to reach reproducing areas — killing insects immediately and preventing them from coming back for up to four months.

Each BarPro strip has time-released vapors that fill the air and any nearby cracks and crevices in a 200 cubic foot space (5’ x 5’ x 8’). Ten strips will effectively kill every bug in a 15’ x 15’ x 10’ room for 120 days. Instead of placing them in the same room, these strips are usually placed individually above sink and floor drains, in mop closets, soda storage rooms, lavatories and anywhere fruit flies are found.

BarPro’s vapors are so strong the health department requests these strips not be used around open food because they don’t want dead flies falling into food that may be served to customers. If food is served in your establishment, Alcohol Controls recommends setting the BarPro strips out after the kitchen has closed and storing them in their foil packet during food-service hours.

Stop spending thousands of dollars for costly exterminators or doing nothing to control this common problem. Join thousands of other satisfied customers that use BarPro Fruit Fly Strips to eliminate and prevent fruit flies for less than a dollar a day.

For more information, please call (800) 285-2337, email profit@alcoholcontrols.com or visit alcoholcontrols.com.

Liquor Control Systems

The Berg Company has a magical product to wrangle your liquor

The Merlin Wireless Liquor Control System with patented 21st-century technology is an advanced electronic liquor control system available. It operates on Berg’s Infinity Software, which eliminates liquor losses and controls cash and inventory in real-time. All drinks and cocktails are consistent for enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Merlin system consists of Berg’s patented PC-based Infinity Software, the Merlin intelligent liquor pourer linked by Bluetooth to a touch screen smartwatch and an electronic base station. When integrated with a POS system:

• All drinks and cocktails are automatically registered in POS as poured, saving bartender’s order entry time and any errors.

• Variance reports reconcile liquor sold versus liquor poured.

The Berg Infinity software controls all bar stations and can provide more than 70 standard and customized reports accessed by schedule or one-time requirement. Key software features include:

• Records all liquor transactions and generates usage reports by transaction and cost of pour

• Comprehensive usage and exact real-time pouring costs are available to managers and owners. (By brand, product, cost of sales, pouring cost)

• Maintains a perpetual inventory

• Maintains cost of goods sold

• Controls opening and closing of bar station and documents in accordance with liquor laws and other compliance issues.

• Manages inventory of all liquor purchases as recorded in the software

• Only liquor control software on the market that offers exact real-time information on inventory and cash management.

• Ties into POS systems to create a variance report comparing liquor sold versus liquor poured.

• Offers remote access by a computer or a cell phone.

For more information, please call (608) 221-4281, email sales@bergliquorcontrols.com or visit bergliquorcontrols.com.

Your bar inventory can be spot-on, courtesy of BevSpot

Pour costs don’t have to be poor costs. With tools like fast, mobile inventory and one-click ordering, BevSpot is very hands-off—so your hands can get back to shaking up great drinks and running a great bar.

BevSpot is the industry standard for simplicity and ease of use. Train your team in minutes so everyone is on the same page and running a lean, mean, bartending machine.

Place orders with just one click. Bevspot lets you nail the efficiency game and increase profitability, all with speed—and no paperwork.

BevSpot is the easy way to manage a bar in the 21st century. Save hours by taking accurate inventory on any device and save thousands on your sitting inventory.

For more information, please call (617) 658-3123, email contact@bevspot.com or visit bevspot.com.

ID Verification

IDScan.net provides peace of mind, clearer vision for bar and waitstaff

Stay in compliance by verifying age with the IDWare 9000 Plus Passport ID Scanner, a touch-free mobile solution. Whether you sell alcohol, tobacco, or other age-restricted products, protecting your license is critical to your business.

IDWare Age | Mobile enables you to quickly verify age without the ID changing hands.

The Android solution validates both drivers’ licenses and passports. Businesses know in an instant if the individual is underage, or if the ID is expired.

This solution consists of the IDWare9000 Plus Mobile ID scanner, pre-loaded with IDScan.net’s VeriScan Mobile Android app.

When an ID is scanned, the VeriScan Mobile app checks the date of birth and expiration date, and then compares the format of the ID to IDScan.net’s library of documents. It then creates or updates a record in a database stored on the mobile device, so you can tag frequent customers or problematic patrons.

The entire bundle includes:

• IDW9000 Plus ID Passport Scanner: Android based ID Passport Scanner with an intuitive responsive 5” capacitive touch screen

• VeriScan Mobile: Free lifetime (+support) subscription of VeriScan Mobile, an age verification software

• Charger Cradle: Dock charger for IDW9000 Plus, quick charge, US plug

• Battery: 4600mAh lithium rechargeable battery (12 hours working time)

• Included Accessories: Carrying case and protective screen

For more information, please call (504) 434-0222, email dpapich@idscan.net or visit IDScan.net.

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