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Ruby Ryder Miss February 2019

Ruby Ryder I am 5'1". I'm a 32DDD with my measurements being 38-26-40 Astrological sign? Aquarius What's your best body part? My Booty or my eyes Least favorite body part? My arms How did you learn about stripping and what motivated you...

Claudia Monet says, move over Cardi B!

  Former ED's Entertainer of the Year nominee Claudia Monet finds Billboard success as part of the electronic dance outfit Sextronica. Claudia and Sextronica are appearing at Thee Dollhouse in Tampa on February 16th. Move over...

How to get the MOSTTT out of a stripping career

  • by Rebecca Avalon of StripAndGrowRich.com During my 15 year career, I've worked with some of the most intelligent and independent women. They funneled their stripper money into other businesses and investments which gave them...

The Kiwi who will drive you Wilde – Bambi Wilde!

It was surely surprising for many to learn that the majestic landscapes featured in the “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy—snow-covered mountains, forests, beaches and more—were all filmed in one place: New Zealand. What...

Shar Zayn Miss January 2019!

  “The Puerto Rican Powerhouse” Sharmaine Figueroa, better known as Shar Zayn, was born in Louisiana, raised in Puerto Rico and always aspired to perform. Her mother always kept her very active doing sports, including gymnastics...

5 tips to help dancers ‘strip and grow rich’

  Rebecca Avalon was a full-time house dancer for over 15 years. "I’m not a feature entertainer, I’m not a porn star; I pay my house fee, go onstage, and try to sell as many...

Get to know Janine Jericho!

  There are several well-known Canadian “exports” that have become staples in the U.S. Our northern friends have given us the sweet nectar that is maple syrup, their own, delicious version of bacon, as well...

Justice Miss ExoticDancer.com for Dec 2018!

ED's International Showgirl of the Year 2018 and 2X Miss ExoticDancer.com a little bit about me, I have been an exotic dancer for well over a decade. My favorite hobby is competitions. Yup that’s right, I...

Get to know Entertainer of the Year Natasha Nova!

  Get to know ED's 2018 Entertainer of the Year Natasha Nova! The phrase “burst onto the scene” is often used as hyperbole, but in the case of Natasha Nova, that’s quite literally the case. Natasha...
Cherry Pop The Pub

Cherry Pop Our Miss ExoticDancer.com for November 2018!

  Cherry is a multi-award-winning, Australian showgirl. With titles like Miss Nude World 2019, Miss Exotic World 2018, Miss Nude World Best Silk Show, Miss Nude Australia Dance Champion, Miss Nude Australia Entertainer of the...

Q&A with ED’s 2018 MissExoticDancer | Ashley Teasedale

Couple quick questions for ED’s 2018 Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Year winner the very sexy Ashley Teasedale Thoughts on winning Miss Exotic Dancer of the year? Winning Miss Exotic Dancer of the year is a dream...
Ariana Marie The Pub

Quick Q&A with ED’s 2018 Adult Movie Entertainer Ariana Marie

Quick Q&A with ED’s 2018 Adult Movie Entertainer Ariana Marie
Justice The Pub

Quick Q&A with ED’s 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Quick Q&A with ED's 2018 International Showgirl Justice
katie_The Pub

Katie Sutra Miss October 2018

4'9" (fun size) all natural 32DD/26/37, blue eyes, redhead 4x National Pole Champion (1st title 2012 Miss Pole Champ USA), 2016 Vayda Kiss (Pole Angel) & Sondra Saxon (Most Heart, Soul & Desire) Awards, 2016 Miss Nude...

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