Houston, we definitely DO NOT have a problem!

When the EDI West landed in Houston at the Bucks Wild clubs (North and South), it was clear that both EDI divisions — most especially, the Showgirls Division — would be highly competitive. That certainly proved to be the case, as Autumn Knights won her second straight EDI West, with former EDI winner Justice following close behind. Reigning EDI Overall Champion Michelle Lynn rounded out that impressive Showgirls Division by placing third.

Lauren Phillips (L) was the hottest hostess!

The 2024 EDI contests are sponsored by adult film superstar and everyone’s favorite MILF, Lauren Phillips, who was also on hand in Houston to help co-host the festivities at Bucks Wild.

Autumn easily won the crowd over with her stunning athleticism and fluid movements. Her “Cleopatra” show included an aerial hoop display that was on-par with any EDI performance in the event’s 10-year history. Justice brought the flavor of Texas to her “Cowgirl” show which surely had everyone thinking, “Yee Haw!” She even created a custom “saddle” to accompany her aerial hoop performance, as Justice once again proved to be both creative and innovative with her show production. Michelle Lynn stepped outside of her typical show themes — and even wore a blonde wig — for her hilarious “Baywatch” show. The perky, bubble-booty’d Nova Baby, a competitor from the EDI West’s Starlet Division, helped launch beach balls while Charlotte Autumn, a competitor in the upcoming EDI East’s Starlet Division, stalked Michelle in her shark costume. But all’s well that ends well, as Michelle dove into the safety of her inflatable pool.

“I am so thrilled and honored to be the EDI West 2024 (Showgirl Division) winner!” exclaims Autumn Knights. “Thank you Dave, Kris and Roxi for giving us this outlet to show off our passions and skills. It’s so nice to have an event where we get to come together and see each other’s shows. I absolutely love watching everyone. The hard work, the props, the costumes, the dancing, the creativity. It’s so fun to see. All the performers were stunning and killed it. It was a very steep competition and I loved watching every one of you. Congrats Justice and Michelle Lynn both of your shows were so amazing and I’m honored to share a stage with you. I can’t wait for EXPO!”

Other impressive competitors in the Showgirl Division included last year’s EDI East Starlet Champion and current ED’s Newcomer of the Year, Raychel Revolver, last year’s EDI West Starlet Champion Ms Galaxy, Chere Noble, Blake Monroe, and Nicky Ninedoors, who took home two mini-titles.

In the Starlets Division, it proved to be a “Canadian Invasion” — Vancouver, specifically — as two Canucks placed in the top three. Rachel Rampage’s “Horny Housewife” was a clever play on her tall, tattooed and taught physique, while she effectively utilized a shadow screen that awed the crowd. Lauren Lotus, the Starlet Division’s First Runner-Up, really got things heated up with her “Barbie Gone Naughty” show. With fire torches and bright LED fans, Lauren had an unmistakable presence on the stage. Ciara, the Second Runner-Up, brought the cold of her Canadian home to her “Ice Queen” show. Though the songs and the stage reflected the cold, Ciara got things fired up as well with her impressive aerial hoop work and her own fiery stage display.

“My first EDI contest was a blur of magic, Texas BBQ and hair flips,” says Rachel Rampage. “I want to thank Dave Manack, Kris Kay and Roxi D’Lite. The three of you brought out a spark in me that was previously dormant. Your continuous support and words of encouragement are very much appreciated. Thank you to all of the competitors who brought sparkle and kindness. Especially the Starlet First Runner-Up, Lauren Lotus. You are a wonderful human and an absolute joy to be around. I really enjoy how you bring playfulness and love to a competition. Your sportsmanlike conduct is top tier. Thank you Lauren Phillips and Danny Meyers for putting on a show up there as well! You are both very entertaining and did a great job keeping up the energy in between ladies. Lastly, a HUGE thank you to Rob Aiken and Justin Hagberg. I literally couldn’t have put on my show like I did without you two working tirelessly from the side stage. Looking forward to more magic next year!”

Other talented and entertaining Starlet Division competitors included the aforementioned Nova Baby, Nikita Knight, and Raelynn.

“We the EDI producers and the crowds at Bucks Wild North & South in Houston were wowed by the entertainers at the EDI West,” says EDI Founder and Publisher of ED Publications, Dave Manack. “Every performer had their own identity and their own unique style, yet they all proved worthy of the EDI brand. Bucks Wild and its owners, Curtis Wise and Kevin ‘Rich’ Richardson, once again provided welcoming venues and the utmost in class and professionalism. We consider the 2024 EDI West to be an unquestioned success!”

“Put another absolutely phenomenal EDI West in the books!” says Bucks’ co-owner Curtis Wise. “Bucks Clubs has had the pleasure of hosting the EDI West for the past number of years in the Dallas / Fort Worth Bucks Clubs. This year we hosted the event at both Bucks Wild Houston locations, and it was off the freaking chain. All performances, Starlets and Showgirls, were amazing to watch as the customers and house dancers cheered for each performer. I would like to give a special thanks to Dave, Kris, Roxi, Rob, Danny, and ED team for your dedication to making the ED competition so great year after year. We’ll see everyone for the EDI Finals during EXPO on Sunday, August 25, at the one and only Bucks Cabaret Dallas!”

The 2024 EDI West marked the inaugural EDI for new contest producer Roxi D’Lite, herself a former EDI champion and ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year.

“Producing my first ever EDI was truly was a full circle moment for me,” says Roxi. “I won the very first Exotic Dancer Invitationals in 2014 and then went on to winning Entertainer of the Year in 2014, so to be able to work behind the scenes supporting these incredibly talented hardworking women means a heck of a lot to me. I’ve been there and I know how much work goes into each and every act, more than most realize! Thank you Dave Manack and Kristofer Kay for keeping this thing going and for having me join the production team.”

The following mini-titles were presented to several impressive and very talented entertainers, not least among them Nikki Ninedoors, whose performance was so impressive that she was asked to compete in the EDI East.


Most Extreme Show: Nikita Knight
Hottest Body: Rachel Rampage
Most Ambitious Show: Autumn Knights
Most Original Show: Nikki Ninedoors
Audience Favorite: Raychel Revolver
Best Costume: Ms Galaxy
Best Dancer: Chere Noble
Best Overall Show: Nikki Ninedoors

ED Publications would like to send huge “thank you’s” out to show coordinator Kristofer Kay, show emcee Danny Meyers, stage manager Rob Aiken, stage assistant Tom Hooks, and Bucks Wild managers Lucas and Jorden.

Photos by Ricky Rich

Photos by Qpq Media @Mr.ang713

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