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Possibly new to you, but no stranger to the stage, Chère Noble offers the full package. Trained professionally from age 5 as a classical ballerina, she took to the burlesque stage in August 2015. Since beginning her burlesque career in New Orleans, she has made appearances throughout the U.S., from New York to San Francisco, and participated in many burlesque festivals, even winning Biggest Tease at the Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival 2022, taking home the title of New Orleans Duchess of Tease 2023, as well as Princess of Sin City Burlesque Festival and Miss Burlesque World in the same year. In addition to her extensive dance tutelage, her repertoire also boasts professional training in a range of other live entertainment facets, including vocals, and acting for both the stage and film. Her performance skill sets currently include classic burlesque, neo-burlesque, nerdlesque, go-go dancing, aerial silks, aerial moon, pole, singing and acting. When not gracing the stage, one can expect to find Noble on the cover of Playboy Norway and in the pages of numerous other magazines.

Top Credits or Accomplishments:

Miss Burlesque World 2024
Princess of Sin City Burlesque Festival
International Playboy Playmate

10 Questions for Miss

ED: What does it mean to be named Miss of the Month? 
Chère: It means the world to me to be recognized as a part of this industry in such a public way. Being on the circuit is one thing, but having other industry professionals look at me and say, “She is part of ‘Us,'” is really validating and encouraging.
ED: How did you get into the industry? 
Chère: I wanted a divorce, and where else can you walk in and walk out, same day, with no credentials, and have a 6-figure job? I had no job, had never had one, had only just gotten a driver’s license for the first time, and was living under the tyranny of a monster. I went into Rick’s Cabaret at 2 AM on my 21st birthday, overdressed, with a brand new pair of Pleasers, a bikini, and my mom to cheer me on. I left with a career, as well as the key to my freedom.
ED: Your favorite thing about the industry? 
Chère: The sky’s the limit. You are your only real limiting factor. Yes, the right customers need to be there, but if you have the drive and focus, there is no cap to your earnings. That’s an extremely encouraging thought for me and is the thing that keeps me pushing, even through burnout.
ED: What is the funniest thing that has happened while you were on stage? 
Chère: Once upon a time, someone threw a Walmart Visa gift card on my stage and I was so incredibly livid. My immediate assumption was that he was just discarding a spent card and I did not shut up about it the whole shift. I still took it home though. When I checked the balance, it had something like $130 on it. I felt very dumb for being mad, but it all got so much funnier at that point. I will never know who threw it, but I hope they continue to do stuff like that.
ED: How would you compare your entertainer self to yourself off-stage? 
Chère: My persona at work is all the real parts of me that men just love, without all of the caveats that come along with knowing me in the real world. I’m not a human at work, just a carefully constructed fantasy woman. I smile, I wear pink, I dance to pop. I’m not a totally different person, nor am I inauthentic, I simply sift out all the parts of me that don’t make money.
ED: Your favorite body part of yourself? 
Chère: Tits, easy. I don’t even feel like I need to explain further. Have you seen these things? I’ve made men cry just by taking off my top. When girls talk about how awful I am, they still say my boobs are nice. Hands down, they’re my favorite body part.
ED: What gets your motor purring? 
Chère: Hands. I really, really like men with good hands. Fingers to forearms is the single most attractive part of a man, and the perfect set will drive me wild.
ED: What is your favorite saying? 
Chère: I forget which Mythbuster it is, but “I reject your reality and substitute my own” has to take the cake on this one.
ED: Submissive or dominant? 
Chère: The assumption is always that I’m highly dominant, but in truth, I don’t think I am. I assume a dominant role most of the time because it simply is not safe to be submissive in most situations I find myself in. What I am is a brat, which I suppose falls under the umbrella of submissive. I do not yield power. I want you to *make* me, but no man has been able to subjugate me yet, so I’ll let you know when we get there.
ED: Best and worst pick-up line?
Chère: The worst has to be, “How do you feel about Tricare Prime?” It’s hilarious, but man is that a surefire way to make me run the other direction. The best? I’m still waiting.

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