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Satisfyer PRO 4 Couples review
The name implies this device is for couples and the illustration on the box depicts using the SP4C with a partner. Let’s deconstruct that for a moment. While I did use it with my partner, with him inside me, our first attempt proved somewhat awkward. That being said, it was quite nice while my partner simply laid on top of me, (while he was inside of me) but when he began moving in and out, the device wanted to move in and out with him. This created interruptions to the air pulse vibration to my clitoris, almost like a tease. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, but the more I used the SP4C, the more I realized continuous contact proved much more titillating.

Technically speaking (I know…..BORING, right?) the Satisfyer PRO 4 Couples is quick to charge and holds its charge very well. The devices texture is smooth and soft, not only making its touch nice against your skin but also making it easy to clean. The extension, which is technically called the “partner vibrator” is pliable to a certain degree and has some unexpected magical powers, as I soon found out. I’ll talk about that more in a bit. The clitoral stimulator has 11 intensity settings; with 5 being great and 11 being OH MY GOSH exhilarating!! The partner vibrator has just one setting – HIGH. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. It was during our clumsy initial encounter that I discovered just how amazing the partner vibrator was. It’s narrow enough at the tip to maneuver in and around just about any body part you desire. The vagina is great! The nipple is incredible. But, the clitoris – you have no idea how good it is!! As soon as the partner vibrator found it’s way to my clitoris, I almost flew off the bed! The only way I could describe it to my partner was that it was like a tiny, magical finger dancing around my girl parts. Climax came fast and furious. And not just once, but several times. The SP4C definitely has the ability to make sex more adventurous while enhancing the intimacy between couples.

Another exciting discovery was that the air pulse stimulator (while intended for use on the clitoris) can also be placed on the nipple. That proved highly stimulating and similar to someone sucking and nibbling at your breast, freeing up their mouth for other tasks.

I would definitely recommend the Satisfyer PRO 4 Couples for its intended use, and I would highly recommend it for the various other uses I was lucky enough to discover. The device is like nothing I’ve seen or tried before. And its ability to prompt multiple orgasms makes it a must try!

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