Callie Jane here, I am a model and Feature Entertainer based out of Indiana. I have been a model for 6 years now and a featured entertainer for 2 years. I love performing on the pole, with fire, chair acrobatics, and dancing. I love giving out free stuff during my shows, I’m very high energy and crowd interactive! In my free time I enjoy good rock concert, I also enjoy company from friends , family, and my dog. I have a passion for working out, cleaning and cooking! Fun fact about me, I have been a drummer for 4 years now, music is a huge part of my life.

Top Credits, Accomplishments & Awards for Callie Jane

30x published model including covers & centerfolds
32 total competition awards including:
2017 Miss Nude North America ( NAP)
2017 Best Breasts (NAP)
2017 3rd place Miss Nude Entertainer of the year (NAP)
2016 Miss Nude North America(NAP)
2016 Miss Erotic Pole Performer (NAP)
2016 Sexiest Body (NAP)
2016 FDNC – Best Show
2016 FDNC – Best tattoos
2016 Showgirl 1 Inc. – Entertainer of the Year

My favorite part about this industry is the creativity involved and all of the opportunities the industry has to offer!

How To Book This Entertainer

A List Features - 727-367-1001 | VISIT SITE
Centerfold Strips - 877-427-8747 | VISIT SITE
Continental Agency - 727-363-7100 | VISIT SITE
Sinsational Features - 570-371-1515 | VISIT SITE

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