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BJ McNaughty  I want to roll play!

Are you ready to be oddly aroused? This goofy gal guarantees to make you laugh! She is a silly seductress and a beautiful buffoon with balloons. Her likes include balloon animals, cotton candy and the tears of grown men.
Introducing the freelancer of fun, a fun fanatic, the purveyor of party, a peddler of pleasure, the pervert from Portland….BJ McNaughty! She is a clown with many tricks up her sleeve; only she's probably not wearing any sleeves! Are you ready for some frivolity and festive foolishness? Are you down to clown?

Nominated for Exotic Dancer’s 2016 Newcomer of the Year • Regular featured writer for Exotic Magazine in Portland, Oregon - xmag.com • Featured on the Internet on many sites to include the Chive and Buzzfeed on a list of top Tinder girls that get straight to the point.
BJ McNaughty is now your Miss ExoticDancer.com for July 2017! You can also follow her on  twitterInstagram Facebook BJMcNaughty.com




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Eva La'Ray  cutest little thing!

Eva La’Ray was born on July 18 and raised in North Carolina. La’Ray, who was raised by a single mother, got her first job at 16 to help out. She had NEVER walked into a strip club or any club for that matter before she auditioned as a dancer, which was part of the reason for her nerves. A self-described angel—for the most part—in her youth, La’Ray matured drastically after high school. A turbulent relationship with a man (now her ex-husband) left her practically homeless save the aid of a friend. Clawing to keep her head above water with a restaurant job, she considered dancing. She knew two girls who danced and heard the money was worth it, so she walked in to her audition and nailed it. John Haskins was La’Ray’s first DJ and as such, he’ll always have a special place in her heart. Fast forward nearly a year and she has her first booking June 8-10 at Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, Penn. La’Ray credits feature Lacey Rain and Dane Hansen for her ability to become a feature. “Lacey is so amazing, she’s such a good friend and trust me— there’s never a dull moment with her,” gushes La’Ray. And while Rain and Hansen have helped teaching her the ropes, La’Ray is quick to point out the continued support of her friends and family, including her mom. “I’m so excited to see where this new chapter in my life is going! I will admit I’m extremely nervous and scared to fuck up, but you only live once and I was able to show pictures and say ‘I was bomb as fuck when I was younger,’” says La’Ray. 

Eva La'Ray is now your Miss ExoticDancer.com for June 2017! You can also follow her on twitter: https://twitter.com/Eva_Laray




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Chloe Rose  My Inked Princess!

Chloe is currently living in Melbourne, Australia but she’s a born and bred Queenslander. Chloe started dancing for fitness back when she was hustling the corporate grind and then decided to turn her hobbies into a job and travel the world doing what she loved - performing award-winning feature shows. Her current title is Miss Nude All Natural World 2017, she was also awarded "Most Beautiful Face" at the Miss Nude World and Miss Nude Universe Pageants and "Most Erotic Dancer" award last year.
When Chloe is not dancing she spends her time working as a makeup artist and modeling.
In 2016 she scored her first international publication as an Inked model and won the title Miss Exotic Angel Australia in the Exotic Angels Calendar Model Search.
She will be attending and performing at the 25th-Anniversary EXPO this year as part of her travels.

Chloe Rose is now your Miss ExoticDancer.com for May 2017! You can also follow her on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inkedupprincess/



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