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Frenchie Super Cul!!

Where are you from? I’m from the south of France, but I’ve been living in Australia for almost five years, four of them in Toowoomba, Queensland.

What got you into the business? At first money, I guess like the majority of the girls. I had a nice and slow entrance into the industry. I was a waitress in Bondi, then started to work at Twinpeaks (topless waitressing). Then after two months, I decided to give it a go in an actual club. The first time I walked into a strip club, it was to apply for a job.

How much do you enjoy it? A lot. Being on stage is obviously my favorite part. But I love every part of this job. Working at night, every night is different, every customer is different. I enjoy my lap dances 95% of the time. I love working for myself, going to different clubs, meeting new girls with different experiences. This job has opened my mind a lot.

Top Credits, Accomplishments & Awards for Frenchie Love

2018 Miss Exotic Nude Universe
2018 ED's International Showgirl of the Year Nominee
Finalist - top4 Miss Nude World 2018
1st Rup Miss Nude Australia 2018
Most Erotic & Sensuous Australia 2018
Miss Nude National Queensland 2017
Miss Firm Australia 2017
1st Rup Miss Exotic Pink 2016
Miss Vault 2015/2016/2017
and many more!!

Frenchie is your Miss ExoticDancer.com for August 2018! Follow her on instagram @frenchie_love_

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Callie will ROCK your world!!

Callie Jane here, I am a model and Feature Entertainer based out of Indiana. I have been a model for 6 years now and a featured entertainer for 2 years. I love performing on the pole, with fire, chair acrobatics, and dancing. I love giving out free stuff during my shows, I’m very high energy and crowd interactive! In my free time I enjoy good rock concert, I also enjoy company from friends , family, and my dog. I have a passion for working out, cleaning and cooking! Fun fact about me, I have been a drummer for 4 years now, music is a huge part of my life.

Top Credits, Accomplishments & Awards for Callie Jane

30x published model including covers & centerfolds
32 total competition awards including:
2017 Miss Nude North America ( NAP)
2017 Best Breasts (NAP)
2017 3rd place Miss Nude Entertainer of the year (NAP)
2016 Miss Nude North America(NAP)
2016 Miss Erotic Pole Performer (NAP)
and many more!!

Callie Jane is your Miss ExoticDancer.com for July 2018! Follow her on instagram @calliejaneinked



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Brandilyn Better than a fine wine!!

Brandy began her career in the industry nearly 20 years ago as an entertainer at DiCarlo’s Gentlemen’s Club in Albany, New York. When the club hosted the Miss Exotic Dancer New York pageant in '98, she entered as a contestant in her first competition…and won. She was then invited to represent New York in Las Vegas at the Miss Exotic Dancer USA pageant where she placed in the top five.

It was after this experience that the world of “Feature” entertainment was introduced to her. Sal DiCarlo, the owner of her home club put her in contact with the Continental Agency, and Brandy took her first booking as Feature Entertainer Brandilyn Banks in 2003. She took the industry by storm, reigning supreme in 2004 when she nabbed the titles of Miss Nude Exotic International, Miss Exotic Performer of the Year, a Gold G-String Award winner, and Runner-up in the highly coveted Miss Nude World Pageant. Quickly becoming one of the industry’s most sought-after entertainers, she traveled the country performing, always enjoying the show, but with her eyes open. Brandy was drawn to the “behind the scenes” procedures of the clubs, and the aspirations of becoming more than an entertainer came alive.

In 2008, she made the decision to retire from the stage. She returned to her home club and shared what she had learned on the road with DiCarlo. Quickly, he made the decision to offer her the general manager position. Brandy has since taken what she learned on the road and transformed her club into the Capital District’s premiere gentlemen’s club. Her club was awarded the 2017 Small Club of the Year/East Award at the 2017 ED Awards. Brandy is proof a dancer can take what she learns on the road and use it far beyond the stage.

Brandilyn Banks is your Miss ExoticDancer.com for June 2018! Follow her on instagram @brandy.at.dcs



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