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A company with no precedent, GoBEST!, founded by Jason Mohney of Deja Vu and the Hustler Clubs, is a resource of elevation, optimization and solutions for operators in the hospitality and nightlife industry.

by Nick Vardakis

(NOTE: This is the cover story of the May 2024 issue of ED Magazine.)

While GoBEST! is making great strides in its second year of business, the company is proudly led by a group of industry experts with over 50 years of experience combined. This energetic group of leaders was launched into action by entertainment expert, Jason Mohney. The entertainment, solutions and technology network has quickly flourished from a startup into a full service, go-to solution for dozens of venues across the country. Experts say that a company’s second year in business is considered a growth year, and for GoBEST!, this past year was just that and much more!

Groundbreaking leadership & innovation

One unique element that makes GoBEST! such a groundbreaking operation is the female-empowered leadership and executive team, which has been Mohney’s main focus of the organization since its beginnings. Women are not only supported as strong leaders and placed in executive positions, but they are highly encouraged to be themselves while reaching for the stars. GoBEST! female leaders are always expected to have a seat at the table alongside fellow male leaders and industry legends.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, GoBEST! recently acquired a multi-use office space where many brilliant minds gather for leadership seminars, management strategy sessions and community networking events. The first floor is reserved for management and executives, while the second floor houses an immersive space for its newly developed creative and sales departments. The GoBEST! headquarters is where valuable business strategies are created and key performance indicators (KPI) come to fruition, resulting in a positive return on investment (ROI) for its many clients.

Harry Mohney, City of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

This “Network of Fun” has quickly launched itself to the forefront of titillating headlines when it comes to publicity in adult nightlife. Thanks to the endless support given to its talented Marketing Department, they are constantly encouraged to continue highlighting adult venues with viral billboard moments.

This GoBEST! entourage of instigators is consistently setting industry standards with its innovative Marketing, Operations, Technology, Solutions and FUN while supporting its amazing clients all over the world.

Live adult media with Unfiltrd

Unfiltrd, a distinctive social media platform that is also woman-owned, officially partnered with Social Reach International and GoBEST! powered venues in March of 2023. This marked a milestone in both the live entertainment and fan subscription spaces. Unfiltrd and GoBEST! have one common goal: to create a first-of-its-kind ecosystem for clubs and dancers that combines an in-club experience with after-hours digital connection. The concept is something truly special, and what has been built over the course of the first year is revolutionary. Clubs and entertainers nationwide have set up profiles on Unfiltrd and are keeping the party rockin’ long after guests leave the club. Connections are being made through ticketed live events, paid messages, auctions, voice & video calls and a one-of-a-kind rendezvous booking feature. For our guests, this means being able to access their favorite entertainers, celebrities, clubs and events from anywhere in the world.

“No longer does the digital world have to take money out of our pockets,” says Mohney. “We can work with a platform that will drive traffic and create a new profit center.”

Ralph James, JC Pomerleau, Jason Mohney, Nick Vardakis

In addition, Unfiltrd and smart operators are teaming up to create the first live event ticketing platform for fans. For adult entertainers, this is a brand new way to build guest loyalty and stay on a platform that supports their goals and ambitions in every aspect. For adult clubs, this means having a social media presence that isn’t burdened by restrictive community guidelines and generating income on a global scale.

In the last year, Unfiltrd has hosted both online and offline events with mainstream stars, made international headlines, held Unfiltrd takeovers at clubs across the country and rolled out a unique club and agencies integration, which allows for top-to-bottom management and account automation. With more events and integrations to come, it is shaping up to be another exciting year for this partnership.

“Add to cart”

From increasing its membership to include the world-renowned Wynn Resort and Caesar’s Entertainment, adding a Sales Rep and Director of Operations to the team and increasing its product offerings to include even more bar supplies and retail products, GoBESTBundles.com is on a growth spurt! And still, it has managed to save its members over $250,000 year to date!! That’s what keeps its Vice President, Adia Foster, pushing to drive more profits for everyone!

Foster says that, while receiving the first wire from Wynn Resort was exciting, the best day of 2024 was negotiating the deal that decreased freight costs for all of their members!

“I want to be able to service all of our bars and restaurant members unlike anyone has before — I want to grow to deliver products that our members need during the hours they need it!” Foster says, when asked what’s next for 2025.

“No longer does the digital world have to take money out of our pockets. We can work with a platform that will drive traffic and create a new profit center.”

– Jason Mohney, Founder of GoBEST!

Jason Mohney

Have there been bumps in the road? Absolutely, but the team at GoBESTbundles.com continues to find solutions to make sure that their members find and receive the best deals. One of those solutions was finding a source for promotional products, which led to the birth of GearMeUp.com! This platform offers products from shoes, drinkware and hula hoops that can be customized to launch or increase any brand story.

“Learning who the top vendors are and who can deliver on time and with the highest quality was the biggest lesson we learned in 2023,” Foster says. She and her team of solution finders are ready to help members master the art of the promotion with over 1M items ready for your logo!

Mastering media & telling the story

GoBEST! has kept its clients at the forefront of relevancy by mastering the art of storytelling. Simply engaging in the conversation has allowed GoBEST! powered venues to remain in mainstream headlines, directly resulting in web traffic spikes and an increase in social media engagement, which in turn has resulted in ROI. In 2023 alone, GoBEST! clients garnered over 230 media placements in total, spanning mass media including print, radio, television, film and online. Public relations campaigns have landed client mentions in outlets including Forbes, TMZ, Page Six, E! News, Daily Mail, Netflix, Jimmy Kimmel Live and more. Brand visibility, awareness and trust has been built through media relations, which has opened the door to notable press coverage for venues who would commonly be scrutinized by media due to the nature of the industry. In the past year, GoBEST! has expressed the importance of controlling the story through crisis communication, offering venues the necessary media training in order to be successful in the event that an issue arises. 

Community forward & focused

GoBEST! is comprised of a network of businesses spanning the country which allows its clients to get involved on the local level. Through charitable partnerships, fundraising events and volunteering, GoBEST! powered venues have quickly become lifelines within their communities, further increasing brand trust and credibility. In 2023, GoBEST!, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas, Cat’s Meow, Dick’s Last Resort, Philips and Cardio Partners combined efforts to produce a Gemini Charity Golf Outing, which raised over $100,000 for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Save-A-Life In Our Community PAD Program. The sold-out event included a helicopter arrival, check presentation, ribbon cutting, silent auction and a proclamation declaring June 10 as Harry Mohney Day in Las Vegas. The event featured notable attendees including Guest Of Honor Harry Mohney, Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Olympic Gold Medalist and Basketball Hall Of Famer Spencer Haywood. Due to its success, a second fundraising golf tournament and costume contest will be held in Las Vegas on October 19 at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club. 

Alyssa, Yuni, Lolo, Diamond, Monae

What’s to come?

Although GoBEST! has had its fair share of challenges, from leadership changes to overcoming supply chain issues, they have continued to lead with heart and perseverance.

“Our commitment to helping owners and the industry continue to grow is just the impact our team is making,” says Mohney.

The first-of-its kind app for GoBESTbundles.com is in beta testing. This will allow members the freedom to order from any device. The app has easy-to-navigate favorites and inventory. Now businesses can set up pars, control soft goods and get reports on usage. GoBESTbundles.com has already been saving the cost of goods sold for its members. Now, it will save time and help prevent theft because owners can check the stockroom from anywhere.

If you have not seen the military-grade CCTV system we offer, stop by our booth at Expo in Dallas and check out the system that will deter theft and liability.

As Haruki Murakami said,”Once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person that walked in. That is what the storm is all about.”

The next adventure for GoBEST! Leadership will be working diligently to create the first-of-its-kind, inclusive and intelligent Board of Directors. Jason Mohney is always seeking out the best of the BEST! So, look for big announcements coming in 2025 from the ever-growing team at GoBEST!

“I want to be able to service all of our bars and restaurant members unlike anyone has before — I want to grow to deliver products that our members need during the hours they need it!”

– Adia Foster, Vice President of GoBEST!

Who are we and what do we do?

We deliver an immersive adventure, harnessing masterful showmanship, outrageous service and an over-the-top experience!

Deja Vu Showgirls Stockton at GoBEST! Awards Show in Las Vegas

GoBEST! is the exclusive resource for operators for the hospitality and nightlife industry. Our Leadership Team is dedicated to supporting and elevating the industry in the areas of e-commerce, design, audiovisual solutions, marketing, food & beverage, web optimization, cybersecurity, entertainment coordination, hospitality training, POS, back-end controls and much more.

Our team is comprised of industry specialists with twenty-plus years of experience each. Our experts provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from start-ups to nationally recognized multi-level operations.

Founder Jason Mohney has successfully owned, operated and advised over one hundred businesses worldwide. His expertise lies in the hospitality, nightlife and retail sectors. He created GoBEST! to fill a need in the adult and nightlife industries to make his years of innovation and expertise accessible to operators who are seeking customized solutions for any idea or obstacle within their venue.

For more information, visit gobestbiz.com, follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook.

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