It’s no surprise for a lot of entertainers that Halloween is their favorite holiday. After all, they’re already used to a sense of theatricality and flair. And there are the costumes as well — sometimes elaborate, sometimes surprisingly simple.
“I love the bloody gory look, so Halloween allows me to let out my darker side,” laughs Kali Reign, who cites an outlaw costume of hers as one of her favorites.
ED spoke with Reign to find out how she got her start as a feature, how she goes about selecting costumes for her shows and the best costume she’s seen from someone else.

ED: How did you get your start as a feature entertainer?
KALI: Well, I have a very good friend – Shelly Jones who was a feature and Playmate. I used to go with her to her bookings and I just loved watching her shows — the creativity is really what I enjoyed the most. In 2013, I moved to Myrtle Beach and the housemom — now my dear friend Laurie — asked if I and a few other girls wanted to do some shows. Of course, I jumped all over the opportunity. So I did a few small shows with her. Trust me when we’re out memories come up from back then and we have the best laughs ever. A few years later a pageant was advertised — Miss Exotic South Carolina. I was so nervous but Laurie pushed me to do it. So I did … and made one hell of a show: My Mad Max show, which is still one of my favorites. After that, I went on to compete in the Exotic Pageant Series. I then met Rio Rivers and kept working hard and pushing myself in each and everyone of my shows.

ED: What’s one of your earliest Halloween experiences? What about one of your most memorable Halloween experience as a feature entertainer?
KALI: My earliest Halloween experience was when I lived in Toronto and it was so damn cold as a child that we literally just wore masks. Not so much fun.

My most memorable is so hard for me because every Halloween experience for me is so different. I would have to say it would be in Coconut Grove where the entire area was blocked off and there was just so many amazing costumes and a bunch a shenanigans … that I cannot tell you about.

My most memorable booking for Halloween was last year at Thee Dollhouse in Myrtle Beach. I just love doing my shows there because I know the majority of the people there so it makes it even that much more fun. Plus, I have a lot of friends from out of town who will come in and spend a lot of time there for the whole weekend.

ED: What’s the most excited you’ve been for an “adult” costume?
KALI: I would have to say the most excited I’ve been for an adult costume is my outlaw. We just connect. When I step into “Pistol Annie,” I literally become her and love it!

ED: How heavily do you invest in the costumes for your routines? How do you go about selecting a costume for a show? Do you have a checklist, is it fan feedback?
KALI: I invest an insane amount not only on my costumes but on my entire shows with props and so forth. I select my shows according to what appeals to me and my personality. Most of my shows represent a side of me. I think that’s why I am able to get so into it. I think if I do what appeals to me then it will be a better show rather than doing what other people want. Obviously, my fans mean a lot but they have always loved and appreciated what I do and have supported me.

ED: Can you go to a Halloween party in peace, or will someone ask for an impromptu show?
KALI: I definitely go in peace. If I do a party that is an event that is different but generally if it is a party I go to then they are my close friends and they are probably sick of “Kali Reign.”

ED: What’s the best costume you’ve seen someone else—entertainer or otherwise—pull off?
KALI: I am completely in love with Bambi’s Valkyrie. I have always been fascinated with them and got my Valkyrie wings tattooed on me almost 10 years ago. She rocks that costume and looks so stunning in it!

ED: Where are you featuring next and where will you be celebrating/entertaining on Halloween?
KALI: Unfortunately, I’m not doing any shows anywhere this year for Halloween. I am so busy with traveling and preparing for a huge event in November. I am going to support my friends though at Solid Gold in Pompano for their grand re-opening party. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone! And be safe but be bad!

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