(Note: This story appears in the November 2021 issue of ED Magazine)

Bucks Cabaret and The Pony Clubs set to play host once again to the industry’s number-one feature showgirl competition.

The industry’s number-one competition for touring showgirl entertainers — the Annual EXOTIC DANCER Invitational (EDI) — is set to make its triumphant return in 2022! After enduring COVID-related cancellations in 2020 and 2021, the EDI East and West contests will be held in Spring 2022 at the Bucks Cabaret clubs in Dallas (EDI West), and at Jerry Westlund’s Pony Clubs in Huntsville, Alabama (EDI East).

“It’s hard to believe that by the time we have our first EDI of 2022, it will have been three years since we last held this contest,” says EDI founder and co-producer, Dave Manack. “We know that the EDI generates a great deal of anticipation and excitement within the showgirl feature community, as well as with the EDI host clubs. That’s why we wanted to announce the venues for 2022 as soon as possible, so that feature entertainers can already have something to look forward to as we approach the new year.”

The EDI was last held in 2019 at the Bucks Cabaret clubs in Dallas, and at Jerry Westlund’s Pony Club in Memphis. Bucks and Westlund have proven to be staunch supporters of the EDI contests, and both venues are looking forward to the contest’s return.

“The pent-up demand for feature entertainers is unparalleled today, it’s a cry for ‘entertainment’ that I haven’t heard at this level before,” says Westlund, owner of the Pony Clubs chain and a 2021 inductee into the ED Hall of Fame. “I’m excited to bring the best entertainers and the undisputed number-one contest for showgirls to our Huntsville clubs in 2022. The EDI consistently brings club owners, industry pros and DJs from across the US to support feature entertainment, and I’ll always be excited to play host to this event.”

“We are extremely excited to be hosting the EDI West again at Bucks Cabaret and Bucks Wild here in Dallas,” says Bucks Cabaret’s Curtis Wise. “The show these amazing entertainers gave us in 2019 was enjoyed not only by our patrons but also our club entertainers. It’s an event you don’t want to miss!”

The 2019 EDI West saw Justice emerge victorious, while ED’s 2021 “EDI Entertainer of the Year” Shar Zayn wowed the crowds at the 2019 EDI East to take home that title. Competitors from the 2019 EDI contest also included Natasha Nova, Ms. Parker, Janine Jericho, Michelle Lynn, Mila Deluna, Bambi Wilde, Blake Monroe, Pixie Raye, Angel Beau, Cassius Chay, Heather Heaven, Raven Kali, Shay Lynn, Cali Marie, Dinah Might, Ruby Ryder, Stacia Dianna, Aerial Leigh and Bailey Fox, with several others who had been slated to compete in 2020.

The EDI contests are co-produced by Lexi Lamour with stage production by Rob Aiken, and include on-stage “host” Bobby Mac.

Feature entertainers who are interested in competing at the 2022 EDI contests are encouraged to email Dave Manack at dave@edpublications.com.

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