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The Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association, better known as PANDA, is a network of Strip Club DJs from around the US and beyond. Below is an exclusive interview with an artist whose new music will be in strip clubs across the country, brought to you by PANDA.


Tomorrow’s hits today! Introducing lead singer/rhythm guitarist Rosie Bones and lead guitarist Carmen Vandenberg of Los Angeles by way of London, England rock band BONES UK!!! The dynamic duo walks us through how they met, bonded, and formed their band BONES UK 9 years ago. They were sidetracked by 2 years while touring in the late JEFF BECK’S band! After working with Jeff, they moved into Kenny Roger’s former Los Angeles residence and recorded their first album, leading to a GRAMMY nomination for “Pretty Wasted”!

Rosie & Carmen discuss how they set out to be judged solely on their merits as musicians and players REGARDLESS of their gender. And how they were fueled by the gender stereotypes and perceived limitations put on them by some people in the industry. We talk about how many of the strip club entertainers relate to and are inspired by the current wave of female bands/artists/singers/songwriters. Then the ladies bring us their hot new song “RIDE”! AND Rosie & Carmen profess their love for Strip Clubs and reminisce about some of their favorite clubs and experiences in them! Here’s to Strip Clubs & Hot Chocolate!

Next, we talk to Tim Montana and he shares his latest track “Devil You Know”! Getting his first break while appearing by personal invitation from David Letterman to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, Tim has a fanbase that includes, Billy Gibbons of ZZTop, Charlie Sheen, and Kid Rock! He has co-written songs with Travis Tritt, Kid Rock, and Michael Ray. Another Strip Club fan, Tim shouts out “TEASERS” his hometown strip club in Montana! he reveals that Charlie Sheen directed his first video for “Mostly Stoned” which led to him getting his record deal!

Tim shares the story of wrestling a PROMINENT Rock Star at a 5-star restaurant that also involved a member of SEAL TEAM 6!!!! Wait till you hear this story! Lol He tells us the deep meaning and real-life experiences behind his song “Devil You Know”. Then we get into some fun strip club stories. He tells us about his upcoming tours with Saliva and Seether. Go follow Tim on his social media pages! He responds personally…eventually! Finally we audition Tim to be an honorary PANDA! :0

All this and Danny, Ilan and Bob pick 6 hot new tracks you need to know about on PANDA!

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