American Dream Machine “Trapped Under You”
American Dream Machine is a four-piece rock band from Virginia whose debut album “Deadhearts” originated on an iPhone when vocalist Shawn Adams and drummer Evan Milowic would record jam sessions. “Trapped Under You” is part of the finished project and to put it in ADM’s words “If you can’t see a smoking hot girl dancing to that song, I don’t know what to do.” The single starts off and has tinges of a Nine Inch Nails song before veering into a newer school rock groove. The synth-sounding effect on Adams’s voice throughout the song gives it an entrancing quality before Milowic’s powerful drum play snaps the listener back to life.

Breed “Cash Out”
Breed’s “Cash Out” belongs on your “Strip Club Playlist” and leaves little room to doubt that sentiment from the get-go, “She grabbing on that pole blowing her back out/She got the whole club pulling all that cash out.” This is a fun, bouncy rap song that has it all, from Texas references to an ode to Drake’s “Fancy” (“Nail done/hair done…”). It’s hard to place, but “Cash Out” has an endearing, nostalgic quality harkening back to the sound of early 2000s.

Princess Nokia “It’s Not My Fault”
Destiny Frasqueri, better known as Princess Nokia (yes, like the phone), has a story that transcends a Hollywood script. She lost her mother and was in and out of foster care half of her life, but from the ashes of those experience was born her songwriting. Since then, Princess Nokia has released four albums and boasts an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden as well. “It’s Not My Fault” is her newest single and in it she evokes memories of some of the greatest female MCs, like Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah, the latter of which she has cited as an influence. “It’s Not My Fault” lures you in with Princess Nokia’s sultry voice before she starts spitting about being successful in spite of haters. It’s a proven recipe that she mixes up to her delectable style. And, just to boot, the song features Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani shout-outs.

Bones Owens “Lightning Strike”
“Lightning Strike” has that country rock, feel that is that great blend of innocent and naughty. Owens, who hails from Missouri, sounds like a quirky mashup of Queens of the Stone Age and Kid Rock in this single which has that play-on-repeat quality. The drumbeats and riffing guitar complement Owens’s voice harmoniously. If Owens, who leads off his eponymous debut album with this song, continues his career at this pace, he will be as hot as a lightning strike.

Erica Banks “Toot That”
You may have heard of Dallas rapper Erica Banks from her viral freestyle video “Need It”. If you haven’t, “Toot That” should get her name in your ear. Banks comes at you like a freight train with her purposeful delivery as she raps about the gentlemen’s club lifestyle for entertainers, “Throwin’ ass in da club/Get back, back up less you got them racks up”. It doesn’t hurt to sample the classic “Pop, Lock & Drop It” by Huey. This is definitely one of those tracks that will vibe with the crowd once the club is hopping.

Big Homie Ty.Ni “Jelly”
In what could be described as a pseudo anthem for adult dancers, “Jelly” packs some serious swagger courtesy of BIG HOMIE TY.NI. Coming from Atlanta, a hotbed for hip hop talent, BIG HOMIE TY.NI’s song is taken from firsthand experience, “The inspiration was my big fat ass and the way it moves like jelly,” she says in her bio. Go ahead and flip this track on and it’ll be more than just the crowd clapping.

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