Strip clubs are prized for their privacy. Even with that in mind, can strip clubs still accumulate tags from their customers to maximize their presence on social media? Yes, says Bryan Harris of Fame Talent, and he’s got five tips on how you can make it happen.  

(NOTE: This story appears in the March 2024 issue of ED Magazine.)


or most businesses that encourage good times, like restaurants and nightclubs, a positive social media influence is pretty easy to obtain. The customers are already there, having the times of their lives, and they want to share those moments with friends.

In a strip club, it gets trickier. While many people want to share their antics from the club, this can create privacy problems for the performers and the customers. So, given all that, how can a strip club still encourage and capitalize on positive social media posts from customers?

Well, it takes a little thinking and working around, but it’s completely possible. Here are five tips for getting your club promoted on social media, without violating the unspoken code of “what happens in the club, stays in the club.”

1. Build designated, branded selfie areas that are specifically for taking selfies that promote the club. Make them interesting; for example, a little wall of silk roses with your club’s logo visible on it. In bars, restaurants and even some adult novelty stores, these tend to be near the front entrance, so they can immediately attract customers’ attention and make marketing your club their first priority. The selfie booths also create an interaction and set an expectation for the customer, saying, “We’re here. It’s going to be awesome. Tonight’s gonna be a good gooood niiiiight…” Bonus: happier, engaged customers spend more money.

2. Let the dancers know that, if they’re comfortable being on social media, they can join the customers for selfies. They can get a little tip out of it, as well as promotion of their own social media when the customer tags them and the club in the post. Remember: Elevating the hottest dancers elevates the club where they work. And, of course, this allows the performers the opportunity to connect with a customer as soon as they come through the door. It’s more fun for the customers, more business for the dancers and more money for the club.

3. Incentivize tagging the club. This can be done with things like weekly merch giveaways to selected winners who tag the club in their post (hint: select winners who have the biggest social media followings themselves), in-club promotions, discount VIP treatment, etc. With a little effort and minimal cost, you can get these same customers back through the door and doing this all over again.

4. Do closed shoots and private events with the performers only, both in the club and in fun venues outside of it. Make it clear to the performers that these special events will be featured on social media, and have them sign releases for the photos to be used there. A club that does a great job of this is The Palomino in Las Vegas. They not only make the club look like a fun place for customers, but they present it as a fun place for the talent, as well, by taking them to awesome places to shoot. Some fun venues for outings could be Top Golf, the beach or a rented private jet (which can be booked for shoots on the ground without paying for a flight). Make sure the club tags the performers and the performers tag the club in images they share on their own social medias.

5. Fake it! Set up a photo shoot that makes the club look full and lively in the off hours, using friends and extras (with photo releases) to stand in as customers. Do videos of your best pole dancers while the “customers” make it rain all around them. Show bottles popping in the VIP. Nobody will know this is all happening at 11 a.m. on a Wednesday — it will just look like your club is amazing, and everyone in it is having a great time. And, again, have people who are there share it, and make sure they tag the club.

“Bonus: happier, engaged customers spend more money.”


– Bryan Harris aka “Chubby Coach”

If you need help with any of this, or for more ideas, keep reading ED Magazine for columns from Fame Talent. Fame Talent is a full service influencer agency operating in both the adult and vanilla entertainment segments, drawing on the best of both worlds to help your club up its social media game.

Bryan Harris is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Fame Talent, where he supervises marketing, client and talent recruitment. Fame Talent represents more than 3,000 live-streamers across multiple live-streaming apps including TikTok Live, Bigo Live, Mico and Sugo. For more information, email or visit

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