Strip clubs & PC run amok: An Xmas Editor’s Note

  (Photo: ED's 2018 Entertainer of the Year Natasha Nova; photo by Alfonso Moreno of Mad Creativity) As I’m writing this article, I’m listening to holiday music and getting “festive” as the ED staff is celebrating...

Vinnie Paul, club owner & drumming legend, passes away

  Long black hair. Bandana or cowboy hat. Signature sideways sideburns, always meticulously groomed. Of the 2,000 or so EXPO attendees, Vinnie Paul was one who always stood out. Even if you didn’t know exactly...

How the bug guy changed my life

Something really weird happened today. I’m sitting at my desk this morning when our “bug guy” (every office in Florida has a “bug guy”) walks in and starts talking to me. With a look of...

A new website … and ass tattoos

I'm certainly not “sleeved out,” but I do have my share of tattoos. I got my first piece at a place called Sharky’s in Manhattan Beach, California, back in August of 1993 (it’s on...

Countdown EXPO 2023 | Aug. 20-23

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Pandora Moon is Miss December 2023

HO-HO-HO Christmas is a GO! Pandora has always been a performer. She grew up doing theatre and spent the ages of 12-21 doing competitive color...

2024 Media Kit ED Magazine

"A new client called me and said they saw our ad in ED Magazine and said I want to order 200 chairs. This has been...

2024 Special Focus Issues

  2024 Media Kit is here! ED Special Focuses for 2024 January Issue: Deadline: Dec 10 POS (Personalities of Sales) POS (Personalities of Sales): Meet the people behind...
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