EDI video: First Runner-Up Aja Marie!

It may have been her very first time competing at the EDI (Exotic Dancer Invitational) — and in the prestigious Showgirl Division at the 2018 EDI East, no less— but Aja Marie impressed everyone...

Get to know … ED’s ’17 EOTY Angela Sommers!

As if being ED’s reigning Overall Entertainer of the Year (EOTY) wasn't enough, Angela Sommers brought one of her best feature entertainer performances ever to the 2018 EDI West — and she won. Her...

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  A sound and lighting upgrade is certainly an investment, but is it an investment you can afford to do without? Is your old lighting...

Why “Certification Seminars” at Expo? Here’s why!

  Attending a training/education class on a specific segment of nightclub operations and receiving a certificate of completion provides a number of benefits to club...
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