Showgirl Division Finalists Michelle Lynn, SharZayn and BJ McNaughty

Held April 7-9 at Bucks Cabaret and Bucks Wild in Dallas, 18 of the industry’s top feature entertainers competed for cash and industry titles

In its triumphant return after a three-year COVID-related hiatus, the Annual Exotic Dancer Invitational — the EDI — was held this past April 7-9 at Bucks Cabaret and Bucks Wild in Dallas. The EDI remains the most elite showgirl dance competition in the world and is held twice each year (East & West) as Showgirls (girls with more than four years of feature touring experience) and Starlets (girls with fewer than four years of experience) present competition-level shows over the course of three nights.

And speaking of competition, the final scores have rarely been quite as close as they were in Dallas this year, as only a handful of points separated reigning EDI Entertainer of the Year SharZayn from fellow Showgirl competitors Michelle Lynn (First Runner-Up) and BJ McNaughty (Second Runner-Up). In the Starlet Division, Hayla Faye wowed the crowd on Starlet and Finals nights, taking top honors in the Starlet Division ahead of Nia Nebula (First Runner-Up) and Natalia Skye (Second Runner-Up).

Entire EDI West lineup, photo by Richard Kent
Entire EDI West lineup, photo by Richard Kent
(L-R): Bucks' Curtis Wise, Emily Discianno, Scott Discianno
(L-R): Bucks’ Curtis Wise and wife Leslie, and GM Scott Discianno

“The return of the EDIs definitely did not disappoint,” says Kristofer Kay, ED Publications’s Director of Marketing and EDI on-site co-producer. “Each entertainer exemplified what feature entertainment is all about by displaying their individual talents and unique abilities for three exciting nights. From the acrobats to the pole performers to the high-energy girls who tore up the dance floor, there was a performer for everyone who packed both Bucks clubs.” 

“EDI is not only a competition, it is more than that to all of us,” says SharZayn. “We can share amazing memories and good experiences. I love to share time with the girls and learn from them not only on the stage, but even off. I love competitions and the EDI is one of my favorites not only because it is an important competition in our industry, if not the most important. What I love the most is that there is no drama and everyone knows how to behave and be organized and we need to thank Lexi and Kris. To know that I have again the opportunity to (win EDI Overall Champion) is now more than just a trophy or money. For some reason the universe gave me this opportunity and I won’t waste it.”

“My experience at the EDI was nothing short of amazing! I met so many truly talented and extremely genuine people,” says Hayla Faye. “From the competitors to the stage crew and everyone involved are truly amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to be introduced to the EDI. I almost burst into tears of excitement at the moment  I received my phone call informing me that I had made the finals! Little did I know that all my hard work would shine through in my performance and let me win the Starlet Division!”  

The success of the EDI contests has as much to do with the host club, its owners and staff, and Bucks Cabaret is certainly no exception. Owners Curtis Wise, Kevin “Rich Richardson,” Scott Discianno, Lissandro Torres, Jimmy Edwards, and Bucks DJs Jeff, Jimmy Jam, and Toro were all amazing hosts.

The Showgirl Division was truly a battle, as Michelle Lynn’s ‘Pharoah’ almost dethroned SharZayn’s Mortal Kombat routine. Justice and BJ McNaughty provided the comedy and hijinx with their ‘Ghostbusters’ and circus routines respectively, and of course, no BJ McNaughty performance is complete without someone getting a pie in the face! (This time it was longtime industry photographer Richard Kent who took the … honors?)

Cali Marie‘s show was a dedication to Prince, complete with a shower routine set to Purple Rain, while Starlet Hayla Faye‘s stranded alien routine showcased her gymnastics background as she hand-walked clear across the stage and executed a dramatic 18-foot drop from one of the Bucks Cabaret poles. 

(L-R): Starlet Division Finalists Natalia Skye, Hayla Faye and Nia Nebula
(L-R): Starlet Division Finalists Natalia Skye, Hayla Faye and Nia Nebula

Other shows included Natalia Skye‘s ‘Gangster’ performance, Nia Nebula’s ‘Old Las Vegas,’ Bambi Wilde’s ‘Valkyrie,’ Molly Jane’s ‘Indiana Jones’ theme and Raven Kali’s high-energy ‘Michael Jackson’ show. The EDI West lineup also included exciting performances from Pixie Raye, Mila DeLuna, Janine Jericho, Dani Steel, Koyotee J Von Diva, Dani Steele, Farley Lynn, and Hannah Doll

“With hospitality provided by club partners like the Bucks chain and rising quality of entertainers emerging, the EDIs will continue to serve as the most prestigious feature tournament in the US,” Kay says. “Of course, none of this could be made possible without the help of EDI Founder and ED Publications Publisher, Dave Manack, EDI show producer, Lexi Lamour, Stage Manager Rob Aiken, and all of our competing entertainers. We’ll see everyone May 25-27 at Jerry Westlund‘s clubs in Huntsville for the EDI East!” 

  • Photos by Richard Kent and Ricky Rich

EDI West mini titles:
Michelle Lynn — Hottest Body 
Justice — Most Original Show 
Nia Nebula — Best Costume 
BJ McNaughty — Most Ambitious Show 
SharZayn — Best Overall Show, Most Extreme Show 
Bambi Wilde — Best Dancer 
Hayla Faye — Audience Favorite 

Mini Title Winners (L-R) Michelle Lynn, Justice, Nia Nebula, BJ McNaughty, SharZayn, Bambi Wilde, Hayla Faye
Mini Title Winners (L-R) Michelle Lynn, Justice, Nia Nebula, BJ McNaughty, SharZayn, Bambi Wilde, Hayla Faye

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