RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RICK) announced today that, through its subsidiary RCI Development Services, Inc., it is launching a guest benefits program initially available for use at 36 of its top subsidiary club locations.

The program, Tip-N-Strip, will be the ultimate party pass. An Annual Holder’s Party will be held at Tootsies Cabaret Miami for all members of the program. Membership will also give holders access to private parties, VIP experiences, and a wide range of other benefits.

Membership will only be granted through the purchase of a Tip-N-Strip NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The NFT is expected to be available for purchase on the Tip-N-Strip.io website in late June. Secondary sales will be on the OpenSea marketplace.

RCI Development Services is focused on providing what it has defined as the three main components of a successful NFT and guest benefits program: community, utility and art. The NFT will combine unique 3D realistic art and groundbreaking utility that leverages industry-standard Web2 technologies to seamlessly integrate with Web3 solutions.

The collection will consist of 10,000 unique 3D generated realistic artworks that will be fully whitelisted to active community members in the Tip-N-Strip program. The rarity of the NFT will be randomized and available upon reveal 48 hours after mint. The rarity will determine the holder’s utility.

Base utility for all NFTs will include free admission for the holder and a guest into all 36 locations participating in the program as well as access to private events and annual parties hosted by RCI Development Services.

The program was announced at Miami NFT Week this past weekend. Visit Tip-N-Strip.io to sign up for email alerts on new developments.

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