As if being ED’s reigning Overall Entertainer of the Year (EOTY) wasn’t enough, Angela Sommers brought one of her best feature entertainer performances ever to the 2018 EDI West — and she won. Her well-choreographed and fire-filled “Moulin Rouge” Show left jaws on the floor at Centerfolds Cabaret in Las Vegas during the 2018 EDI West (held at Centerfolds Cabaret in Las Vegas), besting the her fellow Showgirl Division Finalists Simone Danalustrous and Juliette Electrique to take the Showgirl Division title (as well as the “Best Overall Show” mini title). And though she won’t be able to earn the automatic Entertainer of the Year nomination that normally accompanies the EDI Showgirl Division win (rules state she cannot be nominated for the award while she’s the reigning ED’s Entertainer of the Year), it was a fantastic performance that solidified her reputation as one of the industry’s very best showgirl entertainers.

Angela’s “Moulin Rouge” show at EDI West (Centerfolds Cabaret, Las Vegas)

Angela’s career in the adult industry began when she became Penthouse’s Pet of the Month in May 2012, while around that very same time she began acting in female-only adult films. Her film appearances, which total over 100, helped garner her an AVN Award nomination as “All-Girl Performer of the Year.” She burst onto the adult nightclub industry scene by winning the Newcomer Division at the First Annual EDI West contest in 2014, and followed that up by winning the ED’s Newcomer of the Year Award (2014) and the EDI West’s Showgirl Division in 2015. She became an ED’s Entertainer of the Year (EOTY) nominee in 2015, followed that up with another EOY nomination in 2016, and eventually won the prestigious award in ’17.

Of course, there’s more to Angela Sommers than her career accolades and performance ability. She is graceful, warm, humble—and drop-dead gorgeous. We had a chance to speak with Angela about her EDI West win, while getting to know the girl behind the stunning exterior.

ED Pub: Tell us about your EDI West experience. What did it mean for you to win the Showgirl Division against such stiff competition?

ANGELA: This win was surreal for me. I went into this competition with the intentions of putting on a show that was everything I’ve wanted to give on stage since the beginning. I felt ready as a performer, and the support I’ve had from Exotic Dancer Publications and all the features to bring my artistic vision to reality was amazing.

I can’t thank everyone enough for believing in me and for all the love. Thank you Centerfolds for hosting a super professional event, and for the first ever Exotic Dancer invitationals in Vegas! The stage inspired me! Thank you all of my industry friends for an outpouring of support and love! Rebecca Davis just simply rocked my costume to the millionth degree, Ruslan Batenko provided my unique fire apparatus, Leonardo Cavallero created my amazing an enormous stage props, and Thomas Hooks was my amazing ‘dance partner.’ I couldn’t have done it without you guys. We made the show, we made this vision come to life as a team. I love and support this industry with all of my heart and soul. I am so very thankful!

ED Pub: You’re known for your “Vampire” and Halloween-inspired shows. Is it safe to say that’s your favorite holiday?

ANGELA: I do like the gothic lifestyle and I love the idea of being a vampire, but Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Not because of the gifts; I love decorating, I love the festivities, I love the happy memories of the holiday season in New York City.

ED Pub: Do you have time for any hobbies outside of performing?

ANGELA: I’ve actually been commissioned to do a few paintings, and I have sold original art. The styles of art that describe my work are abstract and surrealist. The surrealist piece that I sold combined elements that personified peace, love and joy. As often as I’ve been traveling as a feature, I don’t have as much time to paint as I’d like, but it’s something that I still love to do; I love being creative and expressing myself in a different way.

ED Pub: What is the best part of touring across the country as a feature entertainer?

ANGELA: I really want to get to know my country. That’s why I love being a feature and traveling across the country, meeting so many different kinds of people from club owners to staff to entertainers to customers. I’m not interested in the politics as much, but I want to have a better understanding of the people, their culture, the individual personalities of every state.

ED Pub: What keeps you interested and engaged in being a feature entertainer, outside of competing in contests like the EDI?

ANGELA: I love so many aspects of being a feature entertainer; it’s a mix of art and sexuality. You have to be naked and naughty, but you also have to create your individual, artistic style as a feature entertainer. When I walk into a club for a booking, I feel like a rock star! They’re paying me to be there, they want me to be there, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

ED Pub: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What does the future hold for Angela Sommers?

ANGELA: I’ll either be in San Diego or New Orleans—I absolutely love New Orleans—and I’ll probably be a nurse. That’s something I’ll be going to school for, and that’s what I want in my future. But I’m definitely going to dance as long as I can!

More about Angela:

Where do you hail from: Queens, NYC
How many years have you been dancing: 10
How many years have you featured: 5
Favorite type of music: Industrial Rock
Favorite recording artist: Peter Steele (Type O Negative) & Chris Cornell
Favorite song to dance to: Imagine Dragons- “My songs know what you did”
Favorite song to listen to: “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden
Favorite club manager: I have a few that I adore 🙂 to choose one would be unfair!
Favorite DJ: Same answer as the manager question!
Favorite part of your work night: Performing on stage
Pet working peeve: Fans that hug too much
Advice for new feature dancers: Always be flexible, and come up with a basic structure that you can work off of for each club

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