It’s hard to imagine a vibrant college town without a strip club, but that’s what will happen when the longstanding Sugers club in Norman, Oklahoma, hosts its final evening in operation as an adult venue on Saturday, July 24. The club, which has entertained Oklahoma Sooner students and residents alike since former owner and dancer Karen Summers opened Sugers in 1984.

“I think, as any business, sometimes … it’s run its course,” said the club’s co-owner, Travis Case. “For me and my two partners, we just felt it was time to bring something completely new to Campus Corner … something that was never seen before, and we’re excited to be able to have that opportunity … as soon as we close up Sugers.”

That “something completely new” will be a nightclub tailored to the younger crowd, with no strippers whatsoever.

Case told the OU Dailey that Sugers’ social media has been inundated with well wishes and sad salutations following news of the club’s upcoming closure.

“I think there is a chapter of Sugers in Norman that was historic. You hear some people throw around the word ‘icon’ around the name and the branding of it all,” Case said. “I believe, in business and some things in life, everything’s got to come to an end at some point.”

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