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The Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association, better known as PANDA, is a network of Strip Club DJs from around the US and beyond. Below is an exclusive interview with an artist whose new music will be in strip clubs across the country, brought to you by PANDA.


Introducing Mike “Cheez” Brown, artist manager, entrepreneur, restauranteur, and tattoo shop owner! He has managed or worked with Sublime with Eric Rome, Rage Against The Machine, Chester Bennington, Big Time Rush, and Slash among many others. From humble small-town Indiana beginnings to the bright lights of Los Angeles Mike has led a life following his passions and making his dreams come true all while keeping his humble Midwest connections.

He shares stories about the artist he’s worked with and some of their wild experiences in Strip Clubs. We also talk about his salon Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and his tattoo shop (founded with Grey Daze member Sean Dowdell) Club Tattoo (locations in Phx, Vegas, and SF).

How did he get Rage Against The Machine to reunite and what caused them to ultimately break up again?
How did the Sublime reunion with the son of original lead singer Bradley Newell (who died in 1996) Jakob Newell for Coachella 2024 come about?
What is Mike’s favorite Strip Club song? And how did he get the nickname “Cheez”?
 All this and Danny, Ilan and Bob pick 9 hot new tracks you need to know about:

Here’s more info on his Salon and Tattoo shops:


“Illusion” Dua Lipa

“I Luv It” Camila Cabello & Playboi Carti

“Nasty” Tinashe

MIKE “CHEEZ” BROWN (interview)

“Eyes Closed” Imagine Dragons


“Thunder Cash ‘69” Cody Parks and the Dirty South

“Happier” The Blessed Madonna ft Clementine Douglas

“Nice Cat” – KARRA

“Cheap” Joony

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