The creative genius behind the Madea character and its cadre of movies, Tyler Perry is at it again—this time casting a light on the vibrant world of gentlemen’s clubs.

Perry is releasing a drama on BET+ called “All the Queen’s Men” that focuses on a strip club in Atlanta, where Perry has established a film production company. BET+ is itself a streaming company, operated in part by Tyler Perry Studios.

According to Deadline Hollywood, “the series follows the female owner of an upscale strip club in Atlanta who is savvy and charming. It is expected to shoot in the Georgia capital.”

“I began my career in this direct-to-consumer business, so I know it well,” Perry said, per Deadline Hollywood. “I know how much my audience value and seek our great content, anchored in our culture and experiences. BET+ is home to an extraordinary array of content including my movies, series, dramas, sitcoms and stage plays. I can’t wait to create even more great content for the BET+ viewers.”

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