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The Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association, better known as PANDA, is a network of Strip Club DJs from around the US and beyond. Below is an exclusive interview with an artist whose new music will be in strip clubs across the country, brought to you by PANDA.


Tomorrow’s hits today! Introducing singer, songwriter, maverick, and alternative country superstar with the deadpan wit, Wheeler Walker JRWheeler is a hilarious interview! Who can tell when he’s serious and when he’s joking??? He’s an independent artist that does what he wants to do without following trends! How does he decide which direction to go? He talks about his myriad musical influences from AC/DC to Willie Nelson and of course his main MUSE! (His lyrics will tell you what that is) LOL! What are Wheeler’s favorite knockers??? Has the government been keeping their knowledge of alien women from us? What are Wheeler’s thoughts on Country Superstar Maren Morris’s decision to leave the Country genre behind? What artists living or dead would he liked to have collaborate with? We take a listen to TWO new tracks from Wheeler’s latest album RAM! Take a listen to “Dump Truck” and “Money ‘N’ Bitches”! He also mentions the last track on the album written about Strip Clubs called “Credit Card”. What are his thoughts on social media? Why did he name his album RAM? Opinionated and funny, this interview is a must-listen! Be sure to go see him in your town! He’s on tour NOW!:)

All this plus 9 hot tracks you need to know about from Danny, Ilan, and Bob on PANDA!

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