How many men can honestly say that they were dragged TO a strip club against their will? Or that the man taken to the strip club wasn’t me, and those “friends” who took him were really criminal kidnappers? It’s the kind of alibi husbands dream of! But for the man whose story it really is, who remains anonymous for safety concerns, he’s fortunate just to be alive to tell the tale.

In a truly bizarre epic of mistaken identity, botched kidnapping, poor cover-up work, false bomb reports and more, an employee at the South Florida strip club Booby Trap was recently taken from his home by three men at gunpoint to his workplacece … upon the suspects’ realization that they had the wrong guy! Prosecutors say that the abduction was intended for the victim’s co-worker.

According to the gruesome details described by Law and Crime, “To get the victim to lead them to their intended target, his kidnappers put an electric drill to his body, a gun to his head and waterboarded him, a federal criminal complaint says.

“Police were called around 2 a.m. to the strip club in Pompano Beach for a bomb threat. But when cops confronted the man, there was no bomb. Instead, he allegedly had a mind-bogglingly scary story to tell.”

According to his story, the man was walking out of his Fort Lauderdale home early one morning, at approximately 7:30 a.m, when he was confronted by a stranger dressed in police attire, wearing a face mask and holding a handgun pointed at the victim.

The victim complains that the kidnappers forced the victim into a white Dodge Charger with tinted windows and covered his head so that he couldn’t see where they were going. They discarded his phone out the window, so he couldn’t be tracked, and drove to a residence where they forced him inside, removed his head covering and realized that they had the wrong guy.

The victim’s story is innocent: he had borrowed his coworker’s car the day before, which was how the suspects were led to abduct the wrong person.

In a pickle to say the least, the kidnappers demanded to know “where the money was,” but their victim informed them he knew nothing.

“The co-worker owed them money, and they wanted the victim to give up his location, according to the complaint,” reports Law and Crime.

In a quick brainstorm to get to their debtor, the group of kidnappers forced the abducted man to call his co-worker — presumably on one of their phones — and make plans with him, authorities said.

The following events are a maze to parse. According to Law and Crime: “They then took him back to his apartment around 7:30 p.m., some 12 hours after the original kidnapping. The victim received a text message from the co-worker saying he was at the Booby Trap strip club. They drove there in a Porsche and, after putting a tracker on the co-worker’s car, demanded the victim go inside to lure him out.”

Strangely, the man was supposedly briefly returned home, but he wasn’t able to reach help until he was taken to the strip club shortly thereafter. At the strip club, the victim immediately alerted the co-worker to the danger, and the two contacted law enforcement with a false bomb threat so that help would come immediately.

When the police arrived, the victim told officers the truth: he was violently abducted, threatened and tortured by three unknown men. The befuddled police gathered their senses and effectively captured the three suspects Jeffry Arista, 32, his brother Jonathan Arista, 29 and Raymond Gomez, 42 in the following turn of events:

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