Stupid Is
As Stupid Does

A man in New York City was beaten this week.

Beaten badly.

By two men.

And I have no sympathy for him. Not a single drop.

Because, as my Mom used to say, stupid is, as stupid does. Not sure about the structure of that saying, but I do know what it means.

And perhaps now so does the 22-year-old man who was beaten this week.

For parking in front of the Hells Angels clubhouse in the East Village.

He parked his vehicle in front of the clubhouse, blocking in all of the Harley Davidson motorcycles in front, while making a food delivery to another location on the street.

That was Mistake Number 1.

A stranger approached the delivery man and told him he should not park in front of the Hells Angels clubhouse. The delivery man just shrugged him off and went to deliver the food order.

That was Mistake Number 2.

When the delivery man returned to his vehicle he was met by two men and, according to the New York Post, “One held him by the neck while the other sucker-punched him in the face. The victim suffered minor facial injuries but did not need to be taken to the hospital.”

He was lucky. Could have been a lot worse.

But seriously, what was the guy thinking? Parking in front of the clubhouse of the most notorious biker gang on the planet? Ignoring a stranger’s advice to not block in a bunch of Hells Angels’ personal motorcycles? In essence giving the middle finger to a group of guys whose creed mandates that they meet the smallest amount of disrespect with the largest amount of violence?

Why not just go to the Central Park Zoo and walk across the heads of the crocodiles? Or piss on the shoes of a NYC beat cop on an unlighted street in the Meat Packing District? Or scream Allahu Akbar on a crowded flight leaving JFK Airport? All three of which are just as insane as parking in front of the Hells Angels New York City clubhouse.

It’s hard enough navigating through the potholes of life. Why must some people make it even harder by doing incredibly stupid things?

Normally in a situation where someone is pummeled, their family and friends will all ask the same question: “What happened?”

In this case, the delivery man’s family and friends all surely asked a different question: “What were you thinking?”

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