“The Puerto Rican Powerhouse”

Sharmaine Figueroa, better known as Shar Zayn, was born in Louisiana, raised in Puerto Rico and always aspired to perform. Her mother always kept her very active doing sports, including gymnastics and handball, where she won a World Cup in 2008.
While in college, she was forced to find a job and that’s how gentlemen’s club dancing came into the picture. In pole acrobatics, Shar Zayn saw reminders of her gymnastics past.
In 2012, she went to her first contest in Florida, Miss Pole Champ and came away with second place. Her limited English proved difficult and a three-year absence saw her in Israel teaching pole dancing.
She returned to the U.S. in 2015 with the aim of competing in pole fitness. She presently works in Miami with training companies for corporate events and has seen herself in television productions, including a music video.
Most recently, Shar Zayn competed in the 2018 EDI East Division and came away with the Newcomer crown.
“My life has changed a 360-turn and it has been for the better,” she says. “I love what I do and get to show my talents off. I’m not ashamed because I work for my body.”

ED’s Newcomer Entertainer of the Year 2018

2018 Exotic Dancer Invitational East, NewComer Grand Champion

2018 Miss EXXXotica

2017 Platinum Pole Champion

2017 Feature Dancer National Championships, NewComer Division, Grand Champion

2017 Pole Dancer National Championships, Grand Champion
• Best Transitions
• Most Difficult Tricks

2017 Feature Dancer & Pole Dancer National Championships, Overall:
• Best Buns
• Hardest Body

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