(Note: This story appears in the September 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

Entertainment Done Right wants everyone in the club to make more money. By utilizing their “Mental Click System,” Entertainment Done Right believes they can turn entertainers into bona-fide cash-making starlets.


s a club owner/operator, you no doubt know which of your entertainers are the real money makers — the ones at the top of their game — and which ones are newbies and/or don’t really have a clue how to earn real money as an entertainer. You’ve noticed which entertainers know how to truly communicate with customers, and which ones only seem to know one line: “Wanna dance?”

But what if there was an elixir to improve any and all of your entertainers? After all, wouldn’t you be better off if the entertainers in your club were making you more money?

If it sounds too good to be true, then you may not be aware of Entertainment Done Right, a company that utilizes what’s known as the “Mental Click System,” a five-step plan to boost entertainers’ earnings. Entertainment Done Right made their presence known at EXPO 2022, not only as Tradeshow exhibitors but as sponsors of the Opening Night Party at the Hustler Club.

“Entertainment Done Right is an amalgamation of direct experiences that (dancers) had and how those problems were solved by more ‘experienced’ entertainers as they pieced together the solutions to these problems,” says Christine Check, an entertainer who has benefited firsthand from Entertainment Done Right and now works for the company. “Before we knew it, an entire system had been developed.”

Tanner Ericsson, Marketing Strategist,
on stage at the EXPO 2022 Opening Night Party.

“Simply put, Entertainment Done Right provides entertainers with training that can help increase their income,” says Entertainment Done Right’s Tanner Ericsson. “Not only will this training increase their income, it will enable them to bring in their own clientele through the doors. And more clients through the door can increase the club’s overall bottom line. It’s a win-win for all involved. We’re not here to rock the boat with club owners and operators, we’re here to help.”

Entertainment Done Right, devised in large part by former and extant entertainers, was developed so performers could improve their prospects — both financially and otherwise. Their Mental Click System is broken up into a series of five specific steps that show the entertainer how to make — and keep — new clients.

“We have designed it in steps to make it easier and more entertaining to learn,” says Check. “The Mental Click System truly transformed me into a more communicative person, a more social person. It really taught me all these skills and I’m not sure how or if I would have learned that without the Mental Click System to stabilize those traits. It’s a nice way to gain a different perspective, and I’m happy to help advertise this to any entertainer and help change the industry in a positive way.”

Here’s how the course works
Entertainment Done Right has a six-week online course that can be completed in 30-60 minutes a day. There are Zoom meetings throughout the course to make sure no one is left behind and “graduates” on the anticipated timeline. Entertainers who sign up will get mailed a gift box full of materials to help them get started along with downloadable templates and constant access to videos allowing them to study at their own pace. Entertainment Done Right also has a Facebook page and groups set up for communal support.

This system is all-encompassing, meaning it can work for seasoned pros or novices to the industry and stage.

“Entertainment Done Right seeks to help any entertainer to increase their income to live a financially stress-free life while allowing the entertainer more control in her environment,” says Check. She notes that the spectrum is wide for potential Entertainment Done Right candidates, and every entertainer will have their own goals when they start the program.

“We help them to make a clear path to achieve those goals,” adds Check. “Most entertainers usually aim to produce around $1,000-$2,000 a night. Our coaches help other entertainers see how to catch mistakes with their approaches and syntax towards their clients to start seeing results within six weeks.”

From left: Entertainment Done Right Instructors Taylor Fiol, Christine Check and Brianna Dueschene

As Ericsson points out, even experienced entertainers may have a weak area or room for improvement.

“Maybe there’s a girl who does a great job bringing clients through the door, but she can’t get those clients into a VIP room,” posits Ericsson. “Maybe she gets the couch dances, basic dances or she’s only getting clients to watch her on-stage — but for whatever reason, she can’t coax them into a higher-priced experience. We help them start figuring out where it is they’re missing those opportunities.”

“Not only will this training increase their income, it will enable them to bring in their own clientele through the doors. And more clients through the door can increase the club’s overall bottom line. It’s a win-win for all involved.” —Tanner Ericsson

Ericsson and his team at Entertainment Done Right were excited to speak to owners, operators and entertainers alike at the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO Tradeshow. Tanner notes that one of the most frequent comments he heard was (paraphrased), “I hope your business is successful, because the industry really needs something like this right now.”

“EXPO was really good for us, I believe we had a great response,” says Ericsson. “I am very grateful that I got to attend this year, and I look forward to attending many EXPOs in the future.

“I do want to reiterate my message to club owners: we specialize in turning clubs into profit havens at no cost to the owners,” he adds. “We train entertainers to not only make more money, but be better at communicating with customers. Owners already spend a lot of money on advertising, marketing, etc. We offer a course the entertainer will buy and that the club owners will benefit from. Our ultimate goal is a ‘win’ for everyone involved.”

A closer look at the Mental Click System
Note: This section was authored by Christine Check. ‘You’ and ‘we’ refers to entertainers.

Step 1 – The “Crocodile Brain” is reactive.

Brianna Dueschene

If the way you say and deliver your message is not properly planned and it doesn’t have a unique style, the Croc Brain will not react to it by not giving you any attention. This means you will not move on to the next part, which is the mid-brain. In the mid-brain, we learn how to socially interact so that we can give the information that makes the client respond to what we are saying.

The third part, the neocortex, is the most advanced part of the brain. It allows us to understand complex things and ideas you bring across to your client. The most important thing to keep in mind is this: If each part of the brain that I have described to you does not come across properly, you will not get your client out of their old brain activity. Simply put, your client will not respond. You will not have not gained any interest. To get the client’s full attention, we will learn to tailor our approach to be unique, exciting and logical. We will use this information processing system to our advantage.

Step 2 – Attention and intention.

Attention control makes you the keeper of the gate. The interest that the client will have in you is proportionate to the amount of attention that you create from within them. To maintain their intention, you must have their complete attention. If you don’t do this, their attention will wander and go other places, rather than staying with you. There are a few set procedures that you must do in order to keep their attention on you. You must have their intention be with you.

“The Mental Click System truly transformed me into a more communicative person, a more social person. It really taught me all these skills and I’m not sure how or if I would have learned that without the Mental Click System to stabilize those traits.” — Christine Check

Step 3 – The “Dopamine Drip” System.

Taylor Fiol

When the dopamine drip triggers (note: Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and hormone that plays a role in many important body functions, including movement, memory and pleasurable reward and motivation), the entertainers can have their clients experience a flood of happy emotions in the VIP rooms, making the client tie these emotions back to themselves. This will make them come back to the club just so they can see you again.

Step 4 – Utilizing the entertainer’s social media.

This is how our entertainers have eliminated slow nights. With a tailored script made personally by the entertainer, her social media will bring in clients that are already sold on a VIP dance. Keeping the entertainer busy any night she decides to work is key.

Step 5 – The best course teachers are its students.

A “trainer” who has been through the whole course is very valuable to new students. They are an entertainer by trade, and they have firsthand experience with everything the new “student” is being taught. They got their results, and now it’s time for you to get yours!

For more information, visit entertainmentdoneright.com, email info@entertainmentdoneright.com or call (1-702) 268-8850. Interested entertainers can also apply at edrwebinar.com/apply.

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