Charlotte, the small-town beauty!

Charlotte Autumn Miss Sept 2022Charlotte Autumn was raised in a small Connecticut town surrounded by farmland. Charlotte always loved animals and developed a passion for horse riding. In addition to her equestrian interest, she has always been a fan of showing off and entertaining people — she competed in beauty pageants for about 10 years between ages 10-19 and also did a bit of modeling.

What I Love About the Industry: I love having the opportunity to perform and travel. It’s definitely a fantasy job! I get to dress up in glamorous costumes, lingerie and high heels for a living. I also love getting to meet new people from all over the world.

Top Credits or Accomplishments: FDNC Newcomer Champion 2019, Miss Exotic North America 2022, Stripper Olympics Best Legs 2022

Questions for Miss

ED: What does it mean to be named Miss
CHARLOTTE: It’s such an honor and privilege! It feels amazing to be recognized by such a large publication in our industry.

ED: How did you get in the industry?
CHARLOTTE: I’ve always had an interest in the sexier side of entertainment — I used to watch pole dancers and burlesque performers on YouTube for hours and wonder if I could do it, too. At age 21, I started taking pole dancing classes as a hobby. About 6 months later I had the confidence to try auditioning at my local club.

ED: Your favorite thing about the industry?
CHARLOTTE: I love the creative outlet it gives me and being able to meet so many interesting people.

ED: If you could be a dancer for any movie star, who would you dance for?
CHARLOTTE: I’d have to pick Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

ED: Favorite stripper movie? Favorite movie in general?
CHARLOTTE: My favorite stripper movie would definitely have to be “Striptease” with Demi Moore. It’s difficult for me to pick a favorite movie in general as I mostly watch TV shows. Lately, I’ve been fixated on period dramas like “Outlander,” “Bridgerton” and “Harlots” on Hulu.

ED: How would you compare your entertainer self to yourself off-stage?
CHARLOTTE: I’m pretty much my authentic self at all times whether or not I’m on stage. Although, I’m usually a lot more casual outside work and rarely wear makeup.

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
CHARLOTTE: I would say my right elbow … But, I was also awarded “Best Legs” at this year’s Stripper Olympics and I would have to agree they’re pretty neat too 😉

ED: What gets your motor purring?
CHARLOTTE: It’s definitely all about the personality for me — someone who’s fun to be around and easy going.

ED: What is your favorite saying?
CHARLOTTE: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

ED: Best and worst pick-up line:
CHARLOTTE: Best is “The sparkle in your eyes is so bright, the sun must be jealous;” worst is “Hey, babe, do you have any Irish in you … you want some?”

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