Former ED’s Entertainer of the Year nominee Claudia Monet finds Billboard success as part of the electronic dance outfit Sextronica. Claudia and Sextronica are appearing at Thee Dollhouse in Tampa on February 16th.

Move over Cardi B!

Former ED’s “Entertainer of the Year” nominee (2007) Claudia Monet has broken through the Billboard top 20 with Sextronica’s “Little Voices,” claiming number 12 in the current Top Dance Music charts. “Little Voices” rose up three spots from its position last week and is now the highest it has been on Billboard since its debut eight weeks ago. Sextronica featuring Claudia Monet will be appearing at Thee Dollhouse in Tampa, on Saturday, February 16th.

Sextronica is an electronic dance act, and Claudia is the sensual singer on display in “Little Voices.” Ronnie “Chico” Di Cicco, the brains behind the Sextronica brand, has two decades of experience in the music industry and understands the world of gentlemen’s clubs from his history as a strip club DJ. Di Cicco’s credentials as a mixer and producer include dozens of Billboard-charting dance tracks and several that have reached status at the top of multiple Billboard charts. Dance mixes of Ke$ha, Rihanna, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez are all among Di Cicco’s repertoire.

Considering the success of former exotic dancer Cardi B, who now has three chart-topping Hot 100 singles and bragging rights as one of only two women in Billboard history with a number-one solo rap debut single (the other being Lauryn Hill), it is no wonder that the music industry is paying attention when former entertainers are showcasing their talents. One listen to “Little Voices” and it becomes obvious that Claudia Monet is more than just a pretty face—the girl can sing.

“Sextronica is proud to embrace the exotic/strip club world with Claudia Monet and other artists coming out who are committed to embracing the marketplace where they have started instead of leaving it behind,” says Di Cicco.

Sextronica’s raw beats and electronic melodies fused with the erotic sex empowered spirit of Claudia Monet’s vocals creates an alluring combination. Sextronica has released several different mixes of “Little Voices,” available on Spotify, and multiple music videos. A bit of a warning, the video below is most certainly not safe for work — almost anywhere outside of the adult entertainment industry, that is.

Sextronica does have tour dates coming up with Claudia Monet, starting on February 16th in Tampa at Thee Dollhouse. The element of erotic dance music in the gentlemen’s club atmosphere should surely create a unique live music experience.

For more information, follow Sextronica and Claudia Monet on their social media.

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