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During my 15 year career, I’ve worked with some of the most intelligent and independent women. They funneled their stripper money into other businesses and investments which gave them the freedom to retire from dancing when they wanted. On the flip side, I’ve also worked with women that made me think, “It’s a miracle she makes it to (the club) three times a week.”

So what makes the difference? Those who were able to retire from the industry richer knew how to get the M.O.S.T.T.T. out of their dancing career.

Even if you only do this job for a couple of weeks or months, this advice is good for any career. Stripping can create a pile of money fast if you do it right and are smart with your cash.  That is what www.StripAndGrowRich.com is all about!

The first lesson I teach in my course is based on this acronym:







Mission: Why must I win?

When you are at work, why are you there? Why must you sell that lapdance? Why do you have to sell that champagne room?  Why do you shave your legs, do your hair, and get all glammed up on a Tuesday night when all you really want to do is sit home and watch re-runs?  You could say that it’s because of the money, but you know better than that! You’re a super stripper!

You don’t do it for the money itself, but rather for the experiences that money can provide.  Whether it’s a dream board, a mission statement, or maybe just a picture in your locker of that vacation you want to take, you have to find your reason why.  If you can figure out your “why,” the rest starts falling into place.

Operation: Where can I win?

Choosing a club can be frustrating.  It seems like every time there is a slow night at one club, someone in the dressing room has a friend at another club who happens to be having a good night.  Immediately you feel like you are missing out and decide “that’s it, I’m done! I’m going there tomorrow” only to find out the next day that it was just as slow at that club, and the girl who was having a good night has worked there for 10 years so she always gets the hookup whenever she works. Sound familiar?

How about trying to decide between working at “the best” club in town, that has all the hottest girls, versus working at the second or third best club in town and you are the hottest girl there?

Here’s a third scenario for you to ponder: should you travel to work in a different city that you heard on Instagram was awesome, or should you stay at your home club and work on building regulars?

All of these situations are examples of figuring out where you can win.  The frustrating part is that there is no one right answer for everyone.  You can go on the chat boards and get 20 different opinions from 20 different entertainers, but would that really help?  Ultimately you have to figure out what works best for you.

Strategies: What will it take to win?

You need to get into the zone; if you aren’t in the zone, nothing is going to work. Set up that pre-work routine of listening to empowering music. Maybe listening to the DancerWealth Lessons is a part of your routine. Whatever it is, whatever gets you into the zone, make sure that you do it again and again. Come sign up for our newsletter at www.StripandGrowRich.com to get a free six-page report on getting in the zone.

Make it a habit.  Remember this from the super stripper model of stripping: a habit is when these three things come together. You know what to do, how to do it, and you are willing to do it.

Being willing to do what it takes to win is your strategy.  Lately, I’ve had a lot of girls say to me, “well I’m just not willing to do what some of my coworkers will do.”  Well, when you work at a higher contact club, this is a potential issue, and if it escalates to a certain point maybe you should look for a new club. Nevertheless, being willing to do what it takes to win should always be within your own system of beliefs and values.

Now we get down to the T’s.  this is what most people who sign up for DancerWealth are looking for: the magic tips and tricks that will make them more money.  The problem is this: all the super secret magic tips and tricks aren’t going to work if you don’t have a clear vision of your mission, operation or strategy.

Tactics: How will you win?

One of the tactics in DancerWealth is the personality colors system: figure out if he’s a “red,” “blue,” “green” or “yellow.” Then be a chameleon, sell to him in his color, not yours!

Another tactic is to market yourself online by setting up an IG, Twitter, or website and be sure to do promotions with your club to build social capital.  There are too many tactics to list. Which ones are you willing to do in order to win the game of stripping?

Tools: What will we use to win?

Don’t just be a one-dimensional dancer. Dance with costumes, themed sets, origami, pole tricks and sales skills; pretty much everything that DancerWealth puts into your super stripper toolbox.

Techniques: What will you do to win?

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is, what’s another way to say, “wanna dance?'” The best response requires you to do two things: 1) Gain rapport with the customer, and 2) close the sale.  In my ebook Step by Step Stripping, the technique I describe in step four doubled my friend’s earnings in one night.  In the advanced DancerWealth course, we use persuasive communication and hot buttons to upsell larger rooms, while setting personal boundaries that are within your own beliefs and morals.

If you’re ready to join the Internet’s #1 group of like-minded dancers, who can help you take your game to the next level, go to www.StripandGrowRich.com and sign up for our free newsletter!

Rebecca Avalon


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