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Big Homie Ty.Ni “Jelly (remix)”
We covered the original “Jelly” in this version of StripJoints and the remix is even better! As we wrote then, BIG HOMIE TY.NI is an Atlanta-based, up-and-coming rapper whose single was inspired by none other than her derriere and the way it “moves like jelly.” In this remix, BIG HOMIE TY.NI retains her spitfire delivery with some heavy bass drops that will have dancers moving and the DJ cranking the volume up. Sometimes remixes are a detriment to the original, but this remix hits all the right notes and is, arguably, an improvement on the original—no easy feat.

BREED “Cash Out (remix)”
The original version of “Cash Out” was covered in Vol. 89 of StripJoints and like the original, this is a definite gentlemen’s club anthem. The remix has a bit more oomph than the original, with heavier bass that complements Breed’s rapid-fire vocal stylings, “She fonna shake that ass till she blackout/I got money, it ain’t nothing to throw a rack out/But I’mma pass on that and take the mac route. … she got the earth quakin from the moves she makin’.”

TacBoy “My Heart”
In an interview with ED Magazine, courtesy of, TacBoy summed up why his song “My Heart” should be blaring in gentlemen’s clubs far and wide: “It’s got everything you need to move your body to. I have dancer friends here in Miami as well as in New Orleans and they think it’s great. I would love to get a dance to this song even if, personally to me, the lyrics make me a bit sad.” No need to frown listening to this song that will take your heart and keep the party going.

CJ “Lil Freak (feat. DreamDoll)”
In this mellow rap track, CJ—a New York-based rapper—talks about needing a “lil freak” but this song will have everyone running to the dance floor. DreamDoll, a fellow New York rapper, comes in fierce on her verse, “Tell me I’m nasty/He know I run it and all these bitches be runnin’ in place/I need a nigga who eat it so good/he be soakin’ that shit with the cum on his face.” Did I say this was mellow? Scratch that—”Lil Freak” belongs in the catalog of club bangers. So in between those body shots, everyone in the club can let their inner “freak” out without a worry.

IDK “Shoot My Shot”
What I do know is that “Shoot My Shot” by IDK is a pick-me-up track that benefits from some fancy wordplay. IDK, who was born in London but was raised in Maryland—where he started putting out music—oozes charm with his delivery and radiates sincere enjoyment of what he’s doing, “Dodgin’ baby mama drama, oop, that’s a close one/Ass like a horse, but a face like she wholesome.” Or there’s this fabulously aware verse “Like Yeezy, when I see it, I’ma hit it on sight/Like Kendrick Lamar, we gon’ be al’.”

BIA “Whole Lotta Money”
“Whole Lotta Money” starts with a whole lotta bass. This track comes from BIA’s second EP, “For Certain” and if you weren’t aware of BIA before, you damn sure better be now. Don’t be fooled by her sultry voice, her lyrics are razor sharp “I put on my jewelry just to go to the bodega/And I keep it with me just so that I’m feeling safer/Fendi on my body, but my feet is in Bottega/Bitch, I’m getting money, give a fuck about a hater.” This track seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy—one thing that is certain, there will be plenty of cash on the ground after people make it rain when this song comes on.

Ashnikko “Slumber Party (feat. Princess Nokia)”
Both artists here have made StripJoints reviews before—Ashnikko for “Working Bitch” and Princess Nokia for “It’s Not My Fault”. The pair have combined forces for “Slumber Party”, a poppy, techno-infused jam that capitalizes on Ashnikko’s easily identifiable vocals and is balanced with Princess Nokia’s rapping. We’re pretty sure any club blasting this song could turn into a most memorable slumber party. If you have a few minutes, it’s worth catching the music video as Ashnikko has already developed a reputation for avant-garde videos and “Slumber Party” doesn’t disappoint.

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Stripjoints vol72 animated

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