The EXPO 2018 “Let’s Get Risky” ‘80s movie trivia contest Week 4: Romantic Comedies

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Even though the EXPO is still two months away, now is the time for you to get in on the fun! Each week for five straight weeks, we’ll be giving away a free EXPO badge for correct answers to all questions in our “Let’s Get Risky” ‘80s movie trivial contest. Each week will have a different theme (action heroes, horror, John Hughs, etc.), and we will announce last week’s winner with the announcement of the new week’s contest.

Week 4 Trivia Contest is live now!

Whether you were enjoying an endless parade of movies starring the nerd who would later become “McDreamy,” witnessing what an orgasm “sounds like” in a New York Diner or watching a guy profess his love with a boom box, the ‘80s gave us plenty of iconic “rom-coms.” But how well do you know these chick flicks? (Ok, they’re not all chick flicks, I was single in high school in the ‘80s so yeah, I’m a little bitter about it … .) Put your movie knowledge to the test in Week Four’s “Let’s Get Risky” ‘80s Movie Trivia Contest and earn a shot at at FREE badge to the 2018 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO!

Week 3’s Trivia answers and our winner!

Though the genre-defining movie, John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” came out in 1978, it was in the 1980s when the “slasher” film entered the American zeitgeist. Whether it was Michael Myers stabbing with his “really sharp kitchen knife,” Freddy Krueger haunting your dreams, Jason Voorhees wreaking havoc with his machete or even “Aliens” from another planet dismembering bodies, horror, gore and sci-fi reigned supreme in the ‘80s.

It’s these slasher flicks who were at the forefront of week 3’s ’80s Movie Trivia Contest. Congratulations to Michael Mark, day manager of Scores in West Palm Beach for being the ONLY person to have all five answers correct!

1.) What is the name of the killer in the movie “Friday the 13th” (1980)? ANSWER: Pamela Voorhees (Jason’s mother; Jason doesn’t become the killer until Part 2).

2.) In what “Nightmare on Elm Street” sequel did Freddy Krueger utter the phrase, “Welcome to prime time, bitch!” ANSWER: Part 3 “The Dream Warriors”

3.) What is the only movie in the “Halloween” franchise to NOT feature Michael Myers? ANSWER: Halloween 3

4.) What is the name of the book that “Ash” unwittingly uses to evoke the “Deadites” in “Evil Dead 2”? ANSWER: The Necronomicon (“Book of the Dead”)

5.) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character “Dutch” was the only member of his team to survive in “Predator.” Which of his team was the last to die? ANSWER: Poncho

“The thing I most look forward to at Expo is getting together with industry friends I’ve made throughout my 30 years in the business,” said Michael after finding out he was week 3’s trivia winner. “Everything else, the trade show, classes and lectures, and all the parties, are just a bonus.”

Michael is also a big ’80s movie fan, but says his favorites are of the “musical” variety.

“If I had an ’80s movie marathon it would likely be a rock ‘n’ roll movie marathon,” Michael says, “featuring ‘Pink Floyd The Wall’, ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’, ‘Heavy Metal’ and, of course, ‘This Is Spinal Tap’.”

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