80's Movie Trivia Contest - week 4

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  • If you’ve seen the EXPO 2018 “Party Business” logo, you know that it’s a nod to a popular ‘80s movie starring Tom Cruise and featuring an iconic scene involving Ray Ban sunglasses, a button-down dress shirt and white athletic socks. It’s not surprising, then, to see our theme for the EXPO’s Opening Night Party—“The 80s Movie Party”—and the Party’s $500 “Risky Business” costume contest. EXPO trivia header Even though the EXPO is still three months away, now is the time for you to get in on the fun! For the next 5 straight weeks, we’ll be giving away a FREE EXPO BADGE for correct answers to all questions in our “Let’s Get Risky” ‘80s Movie Trivia Contest. Each week has different theme (action heroes, horror, John Hughs, etc.), and we will announce the previous week’s winner with the announcement of the new week’s contest. PLEASE NOTE: ALL successful entries this week—where all five questions are answered correctly—are entered into a drawing for ONE FREE EXPO 2018 Badge! (valued at over $300). We’ll announce the winner next week on #WinnerWednesday! Here are the 5 categories & the weeks they will run:

    • Week 1 (5/31): John Hughes movies WINNER: Feature Entertainer Lady Sirene!
    • Week 2 (6/7): Action heroes WINNER: Feature Entertainer Justice!
    • Week 3 (6/14): Horror/Sci-Fi WINNER: Michael Mark!
    • Week 4 (6/21): Romantic comedies
    • Week 5 (6/28): Sports flicks
    WEEK #4 Contest Category: Romantic Comedies

    Whether you were enjoying an endless parade of movies starring the nerd who would later become “McDreamy,” witnessing what an orgasm “sounds like” in a New York Diner or watching a guy profess his love with a boom box, the ‘80s gave us plenty of iconic “rom-coms.” But how well do you know these chick flicks? (Ok, they’re not all chick flicks, I was single in high school in the ‘80s so yeah, I’m a little bitter about it … .) Put your movie knowledge to the test in Week Four’s “Let’s Get Risky” ‘80s Movie Trivia Contest and earn a shot at at FREE badge to the 2018 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO!