Walshy Fire, a DJ that is part of the group Major Lazer, has a group of friends called the Paradigm Shifters. According to him, these individuals’ aim is “getting people’s brains to grasp that what they know now is rapidly changing,” he said in an interview in November 2019.

The Paradigm Shifters must have their work cut out for them, getting people to “grasp” 2020. But, hopefully people can get a better grip listening to “Oh My Gawd”, a single by Mr Eazi & Major Lazer featuring Nicki Minaj and K4mo.

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On behalf of StripJointsMusic.com, ED Magazine caught up with Walshy to promote the single “Oh My Gawd” and the impact of COVID on music.

ED: Did COVID impact the timing to release this single? If so, how?
WALSHY: “Yes, COVID has impacted everything!”

Diplo, left, and Walshy Fire of the group Major Lazer (courtesy Wikipedia Commons)

ED: In our last interview promoting “Que Calor”, you talked about the relationship between music and tech and how it could all change in the next 5-10 years—because of quarantining, have you seen developments in that relationship accelerated at all? Or if not, do you think this pandemic will generate something revolutionary for the music industry? (e.g. virtual touring)
WALSHY: “I definitely think this pandemic will speed up the music and tech that we have coming right now and that we have slowly been going towards. Everything from virtual touring, to pay per view tours, to Zoom parties, parties in cars… all got sped up and happened over a few months.”

ED: I saw an interview with NME where you guys talked about how this upcoming album is heavier on songwriting and less so on ‘club bangers’, so how excited are you guys to flaunt your songwriting muscles?
WALSHY: “Very excited! We’ve got great, great, great chemistry with all the artists and we put together some amazing songs.”

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ED: Understanding you guys are career musicians, do you find you’ve turned to music even more these past few months with the COVID pandemic?
WALSHY: “Yes I’ve turned to music much more in the past few months due to the pandemic. I’ve definitely had nothing but time to focus on making music.”

ED: StripJoints services DJs at gentlemen’s clubs nationwide, so why would “Oh My Gawd” be a good choice to play at a gentlemen’s club?
WALSHY: “Oh My Gawd would be a good choice for the strip clubs because of its danceability. It’s going to get people gyrating, people turnt up, and people in a good mood. And that’s what strip clubs are about – having people in a great mood.”

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