Don’t just settle for any redhead, book “The Ultimate Ginger,” MILF star Lauren Phillips!

Well-known “MILF” adult film star Lauren Phillips is now being booked at clubs across the country to accommodate her large and loyal fan base.

(NOTE: This story appears in the July 2023 issue of ED Magazine.)

Lauren Phillips, the “extreme” MILF performer, is ready to greet her growing legion of fans as she prepares for an additional career as a touring feature entertainer. Having already built a family in porn, she’s ready to marry feature entertainment, which for Lauren means going all-out. The “Ultimate Ginger” has ambitions of expanding into all aspects of the adult world, as she continues to make career moves that move her closer to the mainstream.

Club owners can expect a feature show from Lauren Phillips to involve the unexpected, as pushing boundaries is “kind of her thing.” Lauren Phillips (LP), the brand, holds true to this: promoting sex and kink positivity, sex education and woman empowerment in all of her work, even in her extreme porn, of which she is best known for. But did you know LP is now directing, and is even involved in real estate? True to her multidimensionality, she has locations in Florida, Nevada and California.

She promises not to do anything too “extreme” on your stage — though she’ll probably show you something you’ve never seen or imagined before — the feisty redhead comes with a raving fan base and is booked exclusively through A-List.

ED: How long have you been involved in the adult industry? And how much of that was film and how much of it was in other areas of the industry?

Lauren: I’ve been in the adult industry for 10 years now. I worked as a full-time cam model on Chaturbate for about two and a half years, then moved to LA and started mainstream porn, which I’ve been doing for eight years. I currently have a contract with Adult Time, but I still cam model part-time with Chaturbate.

ED: You’ve established a successful career in porn, so why did it take this long to venture into featuring?

Lauren:  When I first entered the industry, I noticed an inefficient pattern: girls would start porn and after six months to a year, they would start feature dancing. I understand the intrigue, but from a business perspective, a feature needs to bring in a crowd. A year in the industry isn’t enough to have a strong fan base. I wanted to make sure I had a solid fan base before I started feature dancing. Now I’m at the point where many of my fans are persistently ask when I will be coming to their city. 

ED: You’re also a co-host of the EXPO’s $10,000 Bikini Contest and Pool Party at Sapphire. What are your expectations for EXPO this year?  

Lauren: I want to show camaraderie with the showgirls, because we’re all adult entertainers and performers. It feels like there’s a divider between adult stars and showgirls, and I want to blur those lines. I want to show the showgirls that I am supportive of their careers, and hopefully that will reflect back on how they view porn as well. 

My goal at EXPO is to meet as many people as possible, because when I leave — I’ve already talked about this with A-List, with whom I’m signed exclusively — I want to have all of next year booked up already. I want to be on high demand. I want to hustle. I want to work, and I want to work together.

ED: So tell us about the Lauren Phillips (LP) brand. How have you built such a powerful brand already?

Lauren: I needed to know how I was going to stand out from the 40,000 girls to choose from in the world of porn. Being naturally a ginger, I started out with the branding of “America’s Favorite Ginger” and eventually became the “Ultimate Ginger.” 

I must have been the only porn star who actually lied about her age to make herself older. I was 28, but we put on the roster that I was 33 so that I could be a “MILF.” And I’m also — to the best of my knowledge — currently one of the only “extreme” MILFs; I’ve done double and triple anal. I’ve done a lot of extreme scenes that push the limits, but in a safe way. 

ED: Why do you think that MILF porn is so popular and what makes you so popular in that genre?

Lauren: I think things that are taboo are popular, and taboo itself is created because society has told us what’s wrong. I feel like I do very well when it comes to the MILF category because most of the time in my adult life I’m the dominant one. I also feel like what makes me even more popular is that I try to be as raw as possible on camera, to show that I’m still in touch with my body and that I’m still human. 

ED: Would you say that your porn character is relevant to the feature show that you’re working on now? How do you want to be known now and what aspects of your adult film name will you be taking with you into feature entertaining?

Lauren: It’s not a rebranding, I’m still Lauren Phillips. It’s just an expanding of my brand for feature dancing. My feature show is going to present my directing creativity. I like themes, and I like interacting with my audience, which I think is how I bring my porn self onto the stage. And then I envision this modernized burlesque show which will incorporate the traditional burlesque and strip tease, inspired by Dita Von Teese and Roxi D’lite, whom I’ve contacted. I was actually a backup dancer for a Tina Turner impersonator back when I was a professional modern dancer. For several years, I was trained technically in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, Irish tap. Currently, I’m working with Spinning Shae — who I’m trying to get into feature dancing because she’s amazing. I will be taking private classes with her and Ms. Parker in pole.

Now, as I make this big splash, I’m enhancing my show. One of my favorite feature dancers is RubberDoll, who I’ve known for my entire career. She has helped me to envision my feature dancing goals. I would like to have many different types of repertoire sets like she does, that I can just pull out when I want to. But because I’m a porn star, I value choreography with the freedom to manipulate myself into the crowd and freestyle.

I’ve worked very hard to build my name in the adult industry. I want to be known for interacting and bringing the crowd to life. My fans better cheer. I want them to be loud, energetic and involved in the games I’m planning and whatever else I ask of them.

ED: So what should a club expect when they book you?

Lauren: I’m a professionally-trained dancer and a well-loved porn star with a loyal fan base, so you know that the club is going to be packed. I’m a feisty ginger nymphomaniac who brings sexy to everything I do. I create an excellent and extreme fantasy. My themed and interactive shows are ever-evolving.

I’m usually there early and I take my performing seriously. I like to get to know the club and the house girls. I actually like to tip every single house girl before my show. I’m very bubbly, energetic and friendly.

I will also stay until the club closes. I do meet and greets, but I push for private dances and champagne rooms. I want your club to make as much money as possible, and I want you to want to book me again. I go out of my way to give the the club, the house girls and the audience an experience like no other.

ED: How have you kept up your fan base as a porn star throughout the increase in adult content available for free online?

Lauren:  I’m lucky that my fan base is very loyal. I’ve learned that there’s a circle when it comes to trends. Porn’s not going nowhere, there’s always going to be money in it. Sex sells, nationally and internationally.

ED: What excites you most about featuring and getting on the road as a feature?

Lauren: Dancing was my first love, so I’m very excited to return to the stage. And I’m excited to meet everybody. As I’ve said, I want to maybe expand this title of feature dancing and make it even better and bigger — to help with crowds, help clubs, on and on. It’s all teamwork, in my mind. And hopefully what I’ll get in return is building my reputation in the feature dancing community, making my name just as popular as it is in the porn industry. 

ED: And we’re so excited to have you at the EXPO!

Lauren: I’m super excited for EXPO. This year, I’m planning everything ahead of time. My makeup artist and a hairstylist are going to be there. I’m planning out each look to make a statement. Let’s just have fun with it, bring back excitement and passion. For me, that’s what it’s all about. Why perform if you don’t love to be looked at?

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