“Skinny Little Missy” by Nickelback

Remember when it seemed like everyone was hating on Nickelback … for seemingly no reason, other than the fact that they were popular? Well it appears that it’s no longer en vogue to trash the veteran quartet, who are finally getting their due as one of the most successful rock bands of the past 25-plus years. Chad Kroeger and company emerged with a new album, Get Rollin’ and track that, like so many of their tunes, is custom-made for your club’s playlist. We’re talking about “Skinny Little Missy,” and it’s available on the latest edition of StripJointsMusic.com. With lyrics like, “Her club downtown, Gonna need a line of credit if you’re hanging out, Top shelf, top floor, I’m like a kid in a candy store, Resist? What for? You know you’re coming back for more,” if he’s not talking about a dancer we’d be shocked!

“Take It Off” by FISHER 

As the title suggests, this is a song for getting undressed, and fast! With a Tech House energetic upbeat, this just-released new single, which came heavily-anticipated from Grammy-nominated DJ and producer FISHER, was instantly a summer banger.

Australian DJ and Producer FISHER first hit the electronic scene with tracks “Stop It” and “Ya Kidding” and quickly drew attention internationally. “Losing It,” which came next, was the breakout track which earned him his first Grammy nomination. The song has now amassed over half a billion streams, making it one of the biggest dance records of the decade.

A heavy in-demand DJ, FISHER just recently broke records for the largest attendance at the festival when he closed out the Coachella Outdoor Stage with Chris Lake. With “Take It Off,” FISHER has brought a new hit that combines bass, synths, a hard Euro drop — and includes the vocals of another new star, Aatig, over his signature deep house pulse.

Aatig, who has played an essential role in some of the most acclaimed songs in dance music today, has already accumulated multiple RIAA gold records and a Grammy nomination to her name, which is still relatively obscured. Alongside her work with house and techno producers, she’s a singer, songwriter, producer and performer. Her recent DJ debut was at none other than Club Space in Miami on July 7 for the Black Book Records Takeover.

FISHER and Aatig met at a music festival in Australia and immediately felt the music-making chemistry which produced this track. After several months of brainstorming and collaboration, they came up with “Take It Off,” which Aatig recorded the vocals for in FISHER’s home studio, while he handled the production. The result is a track that perfectly blends what both artists have to offer.

“Take It Off” by FISHER, with AATIG, was released on FISHER label Catch & Release on June 9. It’s a high-energy, feel-good summer anthem that is sure to get people dancing. This song makes me want to just “Take it off”!

“You” by Ari Abdul

Artist on the rise Ari Abdul has released her new single “You” along with its equally haunting music video with RCA Records. A dark and hypnotic electronic pop song about falling in love, or lust — this grunge love song is obsessive, psychotic and oh-so-catchy. 

Speaking on the song, Abdul comments, “‘You’ is about the feeling of ‘love at first sight’. However, it comes with a dark twist that is obsessive and almost psychotic. I wanted to create a song that came from the perspective of someone with a strong fixation on someone who isn’t even aware.”

Coming from Brooklyn, New York, Abdul’s music influences are numerous. Her Ecuadorian mother loved Latin music while her Costa Rican/Palestinian father had a liking for classic rock. Abdul’s brothers were all about hip-hop and metal and introduced her to electric guitar at 14 when she started playing grunge songs inspired by Nirvana. 

Then, in 2021, Abdul’s best friend/ producer Thomas LaRosa encouraged her to create her own music and share her voice, usually reserved for choir, with the world. With reverb-heavy inspiration from shoegaze artists such as The Neighborhood and Lana Del Rey and all of the aformentioned, Abdul has successfully synthesized all of her creative influences into her own brand of dark alternative pop.

Last year, Abdul’s debut single “BABYDOLL,” followed by the sped-up version “BABYDOLL (Speed),” both garnered viral success with over 200M global streams to date. “You” follows Ari’s latest offering, the upbeat alt-pop “Bored.” The eighties synth sound, the soft voice and grunge aesthetic, this track has everything you could want for a night that never ends — hopelessly devoted at feet of a dancer on stage.

“Point Me 2” by FendiDa Rappa

Bronx-born retired-stripper-turned-millionaire rap sensation Cardi B shines a feature on Chicago-based rising female rapper FendiDa Rappa‘s dope track for strippers.

Twerking and dropping a verse, Cardi B uplifts:

“She got some buns, her shit dumb, oo I’m tryna cum. / I’m in the strippy with a blickt and a lotta ones.” And “If there’s skezos in the club then you know where to find me.”

The music video, which features both artists, starts off in a strip club where Fendi praises the sexiness of the strippers she cheekily calls “sluts” to her male friend who brought her to the club, and he tells her, “You’re greedy though, let me know which one you want.”

“Point Me 2” by Fendi Da Rappa, feat. Cardi B, was released on July 7. The song is a remix of “Point Me to the Slut’s” from the up-and-coming rapper’s debut album. Fendi released her debut mixtape, Str8 from Da Raq, in 2021. She was discovered following the success of “Point Me to the Slut’s,” a song she released on TikTok, and was signed to Giant Music. In 2022, Fendi Da Rappa went full-time with music and quit her job as an armed security guard. She released the viral “Juke Song” soon after and followed it up with “Point Me To The Sluts.” “Point Me 2,” which features such a celebrity name as Cardi B, is sure to garner the Breakout Chicago rapper greater attention, especially in the clubs.

“Beyond” by Corey Taylor

For the past 25 years, Corey Taylor has been one damn busy guy. He’s the frontman of metal legends Slipknot. He’s the frontman of hard rock act Stone Sour, a band that pre-dated Slipknot. He’s an author, with four books under his belt. He’s appeared as a guest star on countless albums, and has even been in a few movies. Most recently, Taylor (under the moniker CMFT, meaning, Corey Mother-F**king Taylor), has released a couple of new singles from his upcoming release, CMF2. As Taylor explains it, his “solo” band differs from a very similar act in Stone Sour, as Taylor is the guy writing ALL of the songs here — it’s his vision and his alone. The latest track from this upcoming solo album, “Beyond,” is available on the latest edition of StripJointsMusic.com. Like much of the work from Stone Sour or his solo material, the track showcases a big chorus and Taylor’s impressive vocals, once again proving that his is one of the best voices in rock music today.

“Wet White Tee Shirt” by UPSAHL

In the lyric video to her new single, “Wet White Tee Shirt,” total hottie UPSAHL wearing various white tees — which are either blank or read: “STOP BEING POOR,” “I <3 BEING DELUSIONAL,” “FUTURE MILF” and “NOBODY DIES A VIRGIN. LIFE FUCKS US ALL” — soaks herself in the backyard kiddy pool which is filling with a hose, while she plays with a few floaties and a water pistol as props. All the while she’s commanding you the impossible: “Don’t look at my eyes. Look at my eyes / dripping on my wet white tee shirt.”

Mixtape enthusiast UPSAHL is committed to her “PHX TAPES” project, which drops an “A Side” and a “B Side” every month. In this Volume Two, she gives us the A Side: “Wet White Tee Shirt (SIDE A).

“Wet White Tee Shirt” picks up where last month’s “GOOD GIRL ERA” left off, homaging club beats of the late 90’s and early 2000’s with a genre-bending sound that has a thumping bass and seductive lyrics. Co-written with Justin Tranter, there’s an enticing combination of crazy girl and horny girl in the persona of this song: “I see you growing fast, call the priest, you are possessed. No, you ain’t gonna last, if you keep eye-fucking my breasts” she sings in the first verse. UPSAHL goes hard, and this catchy sexy track doesn’t miss. Strip clubs are sure to be playing it all summer long.

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