Psychosexual “Devil From Hell” and “Unholy”
When Five Finger Death Punch drummer and founding member, Jeremy Spencer, left the very successful metal quintet back in 2018, fans of the band were blindsided. But an ailing back and a subsequent surgery left Spencer no choice but to leave the band, and it was assumed by many that his music career was over.

Though his drumming career may in fact be finished, Jeremy Spencer as a musician and songwriter is far from done. Spencer has emerged as “Devil Daddy,” the singer/songwriter for the new(ish) industrial/goth-metal outfit Psychosexual. The band is an extension of what Spencer has done in his post-FFDP life, which most prominently includes acting, co-directing, writing and providing the music for the pornographic horror parody series Lady Killer TV, which he also created. In other words, this guys LOVES everything “adult.”

The two latest tracks from Psychosexual — “Devil From Hell” and “Unholy” — are exactly what you’d expect from a guy who was in Five Finger Death Punch: Namely, crushing guitar grooves and punchy choruses. But on “Devil From Hell” and “Unholy,” Psychosexual also offers up a sleazy, sinister vibe that sets his new act apart from its predecessor. For the entertainers that enjoy their rock with a sexy and dark edge — and, of course, for the legions of FFDP fans — these new tracks are a must.  – Dave Manack

Måneskin “I Wanna Be Your Slave”
Måneskin is an Italian quartet that has captivated audiences overseas — notably winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Their song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” has already continued that trend in Europe and has been sizzling in the US as well and it’s not hard to hear why. “I Wanna Be Your Slave” is an upbeat, fast, and very catchy tune that capitalizes on singer Damiano David’s snarling vocals. In addition to burrowing itself into your head with its incessantly groovy drum, the video has a no-holds-barred quality that couples perfectly with a gentlemen’s club ambiance.

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BIA, Nicki Minaj “A Whole Lotta Money (Remix)”
Nicki Minaj has been featured on these reviews before for good reason, and one of the Queens of Rap has graced another track. This time it’s BIA’s “A Whole Lotta Money” which has already scored in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. From the onset, the bass drops with this banger and it’s not hard to imagine the money raining down at a club with the speakers blasting this — after all, the song is titled “A Whole Lotta Money”. BIA has a very cool, confident delivery as she spits and Minaj’s appearance in the remix simply amplifies this song’s street cred and Q score.

Dead Poet Society “.CoDA”
Sharing a similar name to a 1989 Robin Williams flick (“Dead Poets Society”), Dead Poet Society is a band that originally formed in Boston that has dropped their debut album “-!-”. Vocalist Jack Underkofler has a vintage sound when the song hones in on his solo abilities but is capable of ratcheting up the octaves when the rest of the band joins in. “.CoDA” is a song about a strained relationship featuring such lyrics as “God help you darling cause my love is drying up” but the sound is anything but forced in this new-wave rock ballad.

Penny Billionaires “Awoken”
This song lures you in with its rhapsodic opening and keeps going for its whole 3 minutes, 39 seconds running time. Much like this song talks about, the music behind “Awoken” grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. With lyrics like “The tide is broken/I’m losing the faith … Nothing to say/I’m not going away, I’ve awoken,” it’s not hard to imagine this song revving up the scene at the club — or wherever it’s blasted.


BMW Kenny “Haha”
The man who gained viral success with “Wipe It Down” — which spawned the #WipeItDown Challenge — is back with another hit, “Haha”. It’s hard not to smile listening to his thumping intro “I be like ha ha/I’ll be laughing to the bank.” BMW suavely waxes poetic about his new fame-and-riches lifestyle while reflecting on his humbler origins “I pull up in the foreign but I used to ride a Civic” and “Now them bitches that were dissin’ now they on me tryna kiss it.” Throughout the song holds its steady, head-bobbing swag. As the man said in an interview with ED Magazine, courtesy of, “’Haha’ is just a celebratory song about people getting money.” Need we say more?

Erica Banks “Toot That (Remix) Feat DreamDoll”
Another beneficiary of the advent of social media, Erica Banks blew up courtesy of her single “Buss That” surfacing on TikTok. With “Toot That”, Banks has another bonafide banger and DreamDoll’s verse is icing on the song’s vocals. Don’t believe us, take Erica’s word for it from an interview with ED Magazine courtesy of, “It gets the girls going, it makes them wanna dance. It’s fun, upbeat. Even people in the club who are just there, they stand to dance. It’s just a fun song that changes the vibe in the club.”

IDK “Shoot My Shot (New Impressionz Go-Go Remix)”
“Shoot My Shot” by IDK was originally reviewed in StripJoints Vol. 90. In that review, we spoke about the overall charisma this song (and IDK) boasts. The New Impressionz Go-Go Remix brings a chiller, laid-back melody to the track while retaining the original’s charm. Halfway through the song, the New Impressionz remix effects a carnival-style vibe that really enhances the song’s lyrics.

Elohim “Strut”
Evoking a Lady Gaga feel, Elohim’s “Strut” is a pulsating banger dripping in swag. The song talks about upping the ante as far as lavish living and self confidence with lyrics like “Fuck a Seiko/It’s a Rolex/Fuck a Rolex/It’s a Vacheron.” For the curious, Vacheron refers to Vacheron Constantin — a centuries-old luxe watchmaker based out of Switzerland. Big Freedia, a rapper based out of New Orleans specializing in bounce music. That’s exactly what this song is, a bouncy, devil-may-care anthem.

TacBoy “Oh My Heart (Ralph Rosario Shamanic Dub Remix)” 
TacBoy makes a return to StripJoints track reviews as “My Heart” was featured in Vol. 90. He mentioned in a previous interview with ED Magazine that the song was a shoo-in for gentlemen’s clubs DJs since “it’s got everything you need to move your body to.” The Ralph Rosario Sharmanic Dub remix gives the track a more techno/club feel but fret not, it’s still just as shimmy-inducing but with synths and sounds taking the place of the original vocals — and clocking in at more than 7 minutes, this version will keep listeners grooving.

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