Lilyisthatyou “FMRN”
They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. That question certainly can be asked of Torontonian Lilyisthatyou, whose single “FMRN” was taken down from Tik Tok because of its content. But, what can you really expect when the single’s acronym refers to “fuck me right now.” Tik Tok ban or not, “FMRN” is a pop vibe that exudes sex with Lilyisthatyou’s sultry vocals, with such quips as “Parents are home, but my bed’s too loud/I can take it on the ground/If I get too loud, you can shut my mouth.” This song is sure to be a hit at strip clubs — subject matter aside, it is a fun song to make it rain to and enjoy the night.

Penny Billionaires “BRKDWN”
We featured Penny Billionaires and their single “Awoken” in the Volume 93 track reviews. As mentioned then, Penny Billionaires is the serendipitously formed duo of Evan Berg and Greg Jacks. Fans may know Jacks from his days with French band Superbus in the 2000s. “BRKDWN” storms out of the gate with a harder, truer rock-n-roll sound. “Breakdown, just fire when ready/Breakdown, trying to keep her steady” howl Penny Billionaires and, as Jacks mentioned in an interview with ED Magazine, he prefers the chemistry between duos, “It’s a lot easier to create and get straight to the point when you’re only two.” This single proves two can bring all the fireworks and fervor of a larger band when executed correctly.

Måneskin “MAMMAMIA”
Another staple of these track reviews, Måneskin has been featured twice with their song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” — one by the band and another rendition featuring the inimitable Iggy Pop. This time, the band, which hails from Rome, Italy, is out with “MAMMAMIA,” an edgy pop rock anthem that’s similarities with the ABBA smash start and end with the song title. Måneskin’s version is definitely geared for 2021 audiences and shares auditory cues with their aforementioned song “I Wanna Be Your Slave.” With lyrics like “Give me a command, and I’ll do what you ask/’Cause my favorite music’s your “Uh, uh”, “MAMMAMIA” is the perfect song to build up the atmosphere to a crescendo.

Lexy Panterra “Booty On Her”
Lexy Panterra grew up knowing how to twerk — it was practically in her genes. So it should be no surprise the 32-year-old Californian has released a song, featuring Trina, “Booty On Her” that showcases the former’s twerking skills. But “Booty On Her” isn’t just a display of Lexy Panterra’s prodigious derriere, it’s a damn catchy banger that proves Lexy is more than just an able dancer — she spits her delivery as sharply as her body moves. Whether it’s the music video or just the song, “Booty On Her” is an aptly titled track that will have money, among other things, moving in the club — or as Lexy said in an interview with ED Magazine “I want to shake my ass to it so when you have women on stage shaking ass and they’re going to want to — they’re going to feel sexy with this record. If it gets me shaking, it’s going to get the other girls shaking, which means more money in the strip clubs.” ‘Nuff said.

Grin Cynic “Walk the Fire”
Apparently there’s more going on in South Florida than just the myriad of amazing strip clubs. Though it may not be known for its rock scene, Boca Raton, FL, has birthed the hard rock quintet Grin Cynic, a band that has been making waves far beyond the Florida shores. As they continue to play gigs with national acts and at large rock festivals, they’re also making their way into adult nightclubs via and their brand new track, “Walk the Fire.” The grind-stomp-chug of the track’s opening gives way to a catchy and bombastic chorus, with riffing that would make guitar gods like Zakk Wylde proud. Guests and entertainers may not know their name yet, but the groove in Grin Cynic’s “Walk the Fire” is “familiar” in the best possible way. — Dave Manack

Reach NYC “Last Surrender”
Reach NYC is a band that has been around in various iterations — including reforming as a band in 2019 after disbanding in 2004. Their song “Back From the Dead” was featured in Vol. 88 reviews. “Last Surrender” keeps true to the band’s sound, emitting sounds like early 2000s rock, like P.O.D., or System of a Down. The song also features the vocals of Mixi Demner, who adds emotional resonance to a song that deals with depression and addiction. Despite the heavy subject matter, “Last Surrender” is a full-fledged rock ballad that harkens back to the glory days of rock.

Chef Sean “Oh My God”
Sean Christopher, aka Chef Sean, is quite the versatile showman. The actor/rapper/songwriter/producer has rubbed elbows with the likes of Jeremih in the recording studio as well as Forrest Whitaker and Jada Pinkett Smith on the movie set. With “Oh My God” Chef Sean is cooking with a track emblematic of the hip-hop genre these days: huge bass and clever wordplay “Yeah my madness has a method/use my passion as a weapon/I play chess it’s never checkers.” With “Oh My God”, Chef Sean has a certified banger that will please any listener’s palate.

Brian Fresco “Bad 4 You ft. Lil Xxel and Chance the Rapper”
It must have been fun for Brian Fresco, Lil Xxel and Chance the Rapper recording this song. As for Chance the Rapper and Fresco, the two are part of the SaveMoney Collective based out of Chicago. In an interview with ED Magazine, Fresco talked about how integral the collective has been to him and his peers’ musical careers, “That collective is more so a group of friends, brothers actually — we all grew up together — this didn’t start like ‘We’re going to make music together.’ One day we were in the park and a bolt of lightning shot down and we all got rapping. … A lot of guys that are part of this collective have grown up together. We all came together and now we have SaveMoney.” As for the track “Bad 4 You”, the song starts like it may be a new drop from Justin Bieber, before giving way to the hip-hop all three are more known for. This song benefits from a dope beat that keeps the song moving at a brisk, yet not frenetic pace. All three rappers carry their weight without stepping on anyone else’s toes, making for a harmonious hip-hop song that can be played when doors open, last call or anywhere in between.

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