MISSIO “Vagabond (feat. Czarface)”
Missio, which is Latin for “mission,” sports an alternative/electronic sound with beat-driven hip-hop undertones. According to Merriam-Webster, vagabond is a “person who wanders from place to place without a fixed home.” And in 2020, MISSIO released “Vagabond,” featuring Esoteric of Czarface. MISSIO spoke with ED Magazine on behalf of StripJoints.com in a fall interview last year, and among other things, described “Vagabond.” Here’s MISSIO’s Matthew Brue describing “Vagabond” in his own words: “It’s a banger. We were playing it live for the first time trying to learn some of our parts, it crushes man. And when we get Esoteric from Czarface, the low-end on that track is so unique because it’s talking about a band meeting hip-hop or a band meeting electronic music. When you hear it, you’re in. From the second the horns come in, it’s party time.” ’Nuff said.

Rosenfeld “Like U”
French singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-described indie artist Rosenfeld comes from a family of classically trained musicians but his song “Like U” fits a pre-pandemic club. This track has a dirty, synthy, clubby feel that blends perfectly into the late-night euphoria when the dance floor is packed. Rosenfeld’s vocals evoke memories of Daft Punk and Rosenfeld has cited them as an influence in an interview with ED Magazine.

ReachNYC “Back From The Dead”
Jacoby Shaddix and Rene Mata are the best of friends. Shaddix opened up for Mata in 2000 at famed CBGB and Shaddix has been featured on ReachNYC’s work before. Following a 15-year hiatus, ReachNYC returned with a fury in 2019 and “Back From The Dead”, again featuring Shaddix, exemplifies that. The song is 3 minutes and 43 seconds of nostalgia from early aughts rock. For those unfamiliar with ReachNYC, this should come as no surprise since Mata and ReachNYC have opened up for the likes of POD, System of a Down and Papa Roach.

Moon Fever “Cocaine”
Moon Fever is a band hailing from Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas—including their riffs. “Cocaine” starts with a punch before Cody Jasper’s drawl brings you back to focus. “Cocaine” harkens back to a simpler era of rock and roll music, with driven vocals, mean guitar and a well-rounded out drummer. And, if you need further reason to fire this song up—consider the song was created at a strip club and the music video was filmed at the gentlemen’s club Blue Zebra in North Hollywood. As Jasper himself said, “the strip club world needs a new rock and roll song to dance to.”

Justin Benlolo, frontman for the band BRKN LOVE, was struck by Bishop Briggs’ soulful voice on her single “River.” “I always thought this could be really good for a rock song, I just put it in my back pocket,” Benlolo said in an interview with ED Magazine. And, indeed, this version of “River” helmed by Benlolo has a gnarling sound that is underscored by a hint of raw emotion evident in the original. In fact, Benlolo expressed concern at first “that people would think it’s a bit soft for us, but I’m humbled and excited that people reacted to it positively.”

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