BanQone, creator of the innovative single dollar bill-distributing ATM and two-time ED EXPO sponsor, is back with a new development that promises even more revenue-making opportunities for club owners.

Many “traditional” ATMs don’t distribute ones – an obvious oversight of the highly profitable multi-billion dollar adult nightclub industry. The task of making change for club patrons has historically befallen busy bartenders. The BanQone Rain Maker Kiosk removes the burden of this critical task while adding convenience, greater security, and an additional revenue stream to a club owner’s portfolio. Bartenders can focus on what they do best, entertainers get more access to singles, and the club runs more smoothly overall.

The Rain Maker ATM replacement can dispense up to $1,000 in one transaction and allows patrons to access a portion in $1 bills, at remarkable speed without asking bar staff for change. The cash withdrawal limit is significantly higher than a traditional ATM, allowing smitten club patrons to offer more cash to their preferred entertainer in seconds. The kiosk even creates new revenue streams with its unique bill-breaking technology, shifting the burden of change-making into an opportunity to make money.

“It’s actually a very complicated business in the sense that for an ATM to distribute ones, the machine has to be serviced more frequently than a typical ATM that simply dispenses $20 bills,” Julius Cato, (J.C.) President and CEO of BanQone, explains. “We’ve had to build the infrastructure from the ground up in order to service our kiosk nationally, which, I’m excited to announce, we’ve now accomplished.”

After listening to potential customers request that the Florida/Georgia ATM company become more widely available, BanQone is now able to service over 20 states, including Alaska.

“A lot of the people that called us and wanted one, we’re able to service,” Cato says enthusiastically.

Thanks to the many thoughtful conversations that occurred at last year’s EXPO, BanQone has made advancements in their product development that cater to the marketplace’s exact needs.

“The feedback from the marketing – speaking to a zillion people about their cash management and software needs and utilizing that information in development has been invaluable,” says Cato. “There was no way we could have designed this product to perfectly service gentleman’s clubs without that input.”

Regarding new developments, Cato reveals that BanQone is currently in the process of renovating kiosks to give club owners the option of managing cash replenishment themselves, in areas of the country that they are currently unable to service.

“We will still do the processing, but they can put their own cash in the machine, which means they would get more of the revenue.”

BanQone anticipates more progressive conversations with current and future
customers at ED EXPO 2023. Cato shared that there’s still much in store for the
BanQone brand – and hints at a special reveal to be unveiled at the EXPO this year.

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