An occasion like a 30th Anniversary EXPO warrants a seminar that not only encapsulates the convention’s history, but also looks to the industry’s future. That’s exactly what we’re doing with the very first seminar at EXPO — The Founders Panel — which will feature key figures in the industry’s history as highlighted by the “Founders Interview” series in ED Magazine. This panel is scheduled for Monday, August 21, from 11 am to noon.

Those set to appear on this panel include: ED Founder Don Waitt, Deja Vu Founder Harry Mohney, industry legend Michael J. Peter (Founder of Thee Dollhouse, Solid Gold and more), Spearmint Rhino Founder John Gray, MAL Entertainment Founder David “Slim” Baucom, and veteran attorney and First Amendment crusader, Luke Lirot.

“I can’t remember if we’ve ever had this group of industry dignitaries on the same stage at the same time, but we knew we wanted to kick off this year’s EXPO with something special,” says ED Publisher Dave Manack, who will be moderating the Founders Panel. “This panel will serve as an informal Q&A, where our speakers will elaborate further on their ‘Founders Interview’ and offer their opinions on where the industry is headed in the next decade.”

Readers can find the popular Founders Interview series in ED Magazine, including the January issue (Harry Mohney), the March issue (Michael J. Peter), the May issue (Slim Baucom), and the July issue (Luke Lirot). The Founders Interview with John Gray will be available at this year’s EXPO in ED Magazine’s September issue.

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