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Gorgeous, flame-haired adult star, Jayden Cole, has graced the May issue of Strip LV Magazine now available online

“I love this new issue,” says Strip LV publisher Santodonato. “Our interviews with Liam Hemsworth and Halle Berry are epic, as well as our great feature on the legendary Alice Cooper.”

“Jayden Cole is a long-time friend, and she shines in this new pictorial as she takes things to a new level,” Santodonato continues. “I adore Shyla Jennings layout as well as it really captures her essence and who she really is.” 

Also featured in the May issue: The media are heralding Kamala Harris for comments made during her interview with Terrell Jermaine Starr over at The Root, in which Harris made feeble attempts to reconcile her anti-sex worker policies regarding FOSTA/SESTA. But not really. Check out this feature Kamala Harris – Decriminalization “Bullshit” Queen! By Slixa.com. 

You may follow Jayden Cole on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JaydenCole 

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