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Cardi B

It’s been a good stretch for Cardi B. The New York City-based rapper behind “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” was a number-one debut album. Besides the aforementioned hit, another song, “Bickenhead,” also helps make this record a memorable introduction. An ode to “Chickenhead” from Project Pat, “Bickenhead” is an anthemic tone sure to be played as it rides the Cardi B wave of momentum. The chorus with its catchy bass makes this a surefire banger, or just as suitable for blasting while riding on the town—especially if it’s ladies’ night out.


Wiz Khalifa
“Real Rich”

Fresh off his upcoming mixtape “Rolling Papers 2,” Wiz Khalifa teams up with Gucci Mane on “Real Rich.” As the title suggests, “Real Rich” features the two rappers waxing unapologetically about the financial success they’ve achieved. For Wiz fans, the lyrics will undoubtedly remind them of “Rooftops” from, coincidentally, “Rolling Papers.” This song could be a club regular, especially as an interlude song because it only clocks in at a shade longer than two minutes.


Fat Joe (feat. Dre)
“Pick It Up”

Featuring the signature intro that accompanies Fat Joe songs, “Pick It Up” pairs Fat Joe with Dre. This song is ideal for gentlemen’s clubs and Dre pretty much says as much in his opening lines “This go out to…strip clubs worldwide” after rattling off a slew of club names. The song’s background compliments Fat Joe and Dre’s rap verses nicely. This is at least the pair’s second collaboration following “So Excited” in 2017.


DJ Luke Nasty (feat. Rotimi)
“Last Night”

“Last Night” is a track off DJ Luke Nasty’s debut studio album, “Highway Music: Stuck in Traffic.” The song’s opening is marked by Rotimi’s wailing which gives the track an enchantingly haunted vibe coupled with a pang that fades into DJ Luke Nasty’s opening verse. Throughout DJ Luke Nasty’s rhymes, it’s Rotimi’s unwavering presence that bolsters this song past a one-time listen. Given the lyrics mixed with the jazzy undertones of this rap track and it could be late-night selection at gentlemen’s clubs.


Mally Mall (feat. Jeremih & E-40)

Although “Physical” in name may remind those of a certain age of Olivia Newton-John’s tune, this iteration sounds nothing like its ‘80s namesake. This “Physical” brings together the talents of Mally Mall, Jeremih and E-40. The former is a producer turned rapper, while the latter two require no introduction among even the most casual of hip-hop fans. The only problem with this song is that it’s too much Jeremih and not enough E-40, who is renown for his scorchingly fast-paced word play. But the electronic, club feel massaged in the background of the hooks and verses make it a desirable listen.


Snow Tha Product
“Help A Bitch Out”

Making his second appearance on StripJoints, is O.T. Genasis, this time lending his support to Snow Tha Product, a California-based hip-hop artist whose name is inspired by none other than the character immortalized by the Disney movie, Snow White. Snow Tha Product wastes no time in getting into a flow and maximizes her time at the mic. Take the line “…Mexican, don’t give a workin’ hand” which is tongue in cheek since Snow Tha Product was born to Mexican parents and she also raps in Spanish. This song may not be the catchiest, but at least it serves as a channel for more people to be introduced to Snow Tha Product who has the fairy-tale talent.


Brooke Evers & Dominique Young Unique
“Don’t Want No…”

Brooke Evers is a DJ hailing from Australia, while Dominique Young Unique is an American rapper. The two join forces on this song—whose name was inspired by all the “dick pics” the two female artists received—which is an anthem against dick pics. It’s evidenced by the lyrics, “Don’t want no short dick man…In the room you just a little stick boy.” It sounds like pent-up frustration, but we can’t really blame them when they’re being bombarded with pictures of less-than-desirable genitals. As for the song itself, the lyrics may galvanize segments of the listening audience while Evers’ DJing really holds the song up. Dominique Young Unique’s verses leave something to be desired, much like the pics this song is railing against.


Stone Broken
“Let Me See It All”

“Let Me See It All” is a track from Stone Broken’s new album, “Ain’t Always Easy.” Stone Broken is a four-piece band hailing from England and has followed the proven formula of turning emotional experiences into fodder for great rock music. “Let Me See It All” deals with the pain of addiction—frontman Rich Moss lost a former bandmate to alcohol addiction at the beginning of the decade—with lyrics such as “Take it nice and slow/Until I lose control” … “I woke up the next morning, only one thing on my mind/Feels like the very first time when I’m not satisfied.” There may be many unfamiliar with this band from the West Midlands, but for those who appreciate soulful rock, do yourselves a favor and listen to Stone Broken.


10 Years

This alt-metal band from The Volunteer State has been at it for nearly two decades. “Burnout” is a track from their latest endeavor, the album “(How to Live) as Ghosts.” Guitarist Matt Wantland said in an interview with StripJoints that the song is “about someone who has everything they ever wanted in the palm of their hand and still isn’t happy and is kinda self-sabotaging and unaware” and said the song was a collaborative effort between himself, current members Jesse Hasek (vocals) and Brian Vodinh (guitar) and former bandmate Chad Huff. Fans of the band— and on a macro scale, the genre—will dig the song’s guitar riffs. For a background jam, “Burnout” will keep the lights on.


Bullet For My Valentine
“Letting You Go”

When describing their new track “Letting You Go,” Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck says, “It’s by far the most experimental track I’ve ever written musically and lyrically. I really wanted to make a track that stood out from the crowd and separated us from any other band in our genre, and that’s exactly what ‘Letting You Go’ does.” The song is taken from the band’s sixth studio album, “Gravity,” released on June 29. The word “mainstream” will certainly be kicked around, as the track sees the Welsh metal band softening up around the edges. That might be exactly the reason why this track lands on your club’s playlist, as it can be viewed as a bit more “accessible” than much of the band’s catalog.


Shaman’s Harvest
“The Devil In Our Wake”

The malevolent riff of Shaman’s Harvest’s track “The Devil In Our Wake” is certainly appropriate, given the song’s lyrics about the aftermath of war. But it’s not all dark with this rocker. Frontman Nathan Hunt’s soulful vocals are the perfect compliment to the brooding, sinister groove that winds its way through the latest single from their 2017 album Red Hands Black Deeds.


Black Stone Cherry
“Bad Habit”

If there’s a song that defines a dancer from the customer’s perspective, it’s the new tune from Southern rockers Black Stone Cherry, “Bad Habit.” As frontman and rhythm guitarist Chris Robertson exclaims, “She makes me miss her, flowin’ like a river/Alright, alright/Come on baby, make me shiver/She’s my bad, bad, bad, bad habit/I got it bad, bad, bad, bad habit.” The vibe on this one is fun and loose, with a southern-fried groove, catchy chorus and killer guitar solo (and the video for this track is hilarious if you get the chance to check it out!).

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